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Football world cup 2018 in Kazan

Kazan, one of the most seasoned Russian urban areas, commended its thousand years in 2005. The old dividers of Kazan review numerous emotional occasions, including the notable attack by Ivan the Terrible in the sixteenth century. 

Current Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and is home to 1.2 million inhabitants. This ageless city is additionally a city of youth, home to 30 of Russia's biggest colleges and more than 180,000 understudies. This "culture of youth" gives Kazan a cutting edge and dynamic liveliness, a vitality that exclusive youngsters can ingrain. 

 It is likewise an exceedingly different city with more than 100 nationalities. This decent variety, combined with a youthful populace, has made a one of a kind feeling of resistance, understanding and young positive thinking. 

Guests will likewise find the old and entrancing Tatar culture in Kazan. An incredible focus on Muslim culture and a clear case of how extraordinary ethnicities and religions can live calmly together for a long time. 

The sixteenth century Kazan Kremlin is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Kazan is at the cutting edge of Russian game, home to a portion of the best football, ball and hockey groups in the nation. In 2013, the city will have the Summer Universidad. 

Established in: 1005 

Separation to Moscow: 825 km 



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