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Museum of The Sun

Sun Museum - is a unique and the only in the world of cultural and historical project aimed at developing the whole person through the immersion in the history and culture of ancient civilizations and peoples worshiped the sun. The museum was created for the purpose of additional education and meet the aesthetic needs of the visitors.

The museum fund has a genuine archaeological artefacts and copies thereof, such as an ancient sundial (eight-Colo, 3-4 century BC), stones with solar petroglyphs Egyptian temple statue of the sun goddess Isis, the throne of Tutankhamun, a collection of ritual masks and statues solar Inca gods. In the halls of the Sun Museum presents historical reconstruction images of cult and religious attributes, clothing, household items, symbols and images of the Sun of different peoples of the world, a permanent exhibition on Egypt, Hindustan, Nepal, Tibet, Indochina, South America and Mesoamerica, Ancient Russia, and also developed informational and educational complex with accompanying audio guides, video presentations and guides. Visitors can not only plunge into the solar atmosphere of the past, to make excursions into history.

Cultural and historical Sun Museum also features exhibits of rock art, carries out scientific research in the study, generalization and popularization of knowledge about the sun, solar Russian traditions and beliefs of the peoples of the world. It presents the works of arts and crafts on the theme of "artistic images of the Sun", a gallery of modern solar, which includes banknotes and flags with the image of the sun.

The main purpose of the Museum is to preserve and explore the cultural and historical heritage of the cult of the Sun traditions of ancient civilizations.
Cultural-historical project of the Museum of the Sun is adapted for school and preschool children. It is based on civil and business initiatives and is socially important projects that increase the attractiveness of our country, the city of Novosibirsk for foreign tourists, travelers and compatriots from other cities of Russia.