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Russian travel news

Yesenin in general and the village of Konstantinovo in particular are the main hits of the Ryazan Region.
Akademgorodok is a Siberian scientific center. Here in the museum of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography the mummy of the "Princess of Ukok" is kept, and at the Institute of Nuclear Physics particles are dispersed in the local collider.
“The Bloodshed Hail” and the capital of the oprichnina, the royal residence and the monastery. Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda is so legendary that it is difficult to believe in its real existence in our time, even in the form of a museum-reserve.
The only one of the five first white-stone churches of North-Eastern Russia, which has come down to us in almost complete preservation.
In 1862, the monument “The Millennium of Russia” was erected precisely in Veliky Novgorod - as recognition of the key role of the city in the development of the Russian state.
One of the oldest cities in the Moscow region, has lived for eight and a half centuries. In Dmitrov, you can see what a small city with a large cultural background can be if it is invested in it.
The episode with the vocation of Mikhail Romanov in the kingdom - by and large, an accident in the history of the Ipatiev Monastery. Before it was the ancestral home of the Godunovs, with no connection with the Romanovs.
One of the main features of the Izborsk fortress is that the farther you leave it, the more impressive, higher and more inaccessible it seems.
Valaam - the largest island of the Valaam archipelago, located in the northern part of Ladoga island. Often, the whole archipelago is called Valaam.
The Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod evokes in memory both the Smolensk fortress and the Moscow Kremlin. A closed wall with thirteen towers on high hills, views of the Volga distances, monuments, old temples and new government buildings.
For the grandiose memorial complex “Height 102” it was ideal for the same reasons that for it 135 days were bloody battles: a hill in the central part of the city, near the Volga.
Monument to the tragically deceased Tsar Liberator Alexander II. Created in the style of Moscow and Yaroslavl churches of the XVII century.


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