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Football world cup 2018 in Rostov-On-Don

Referred to from the season of Herodotus as a place where there is warlike Scythians, the unlimited steppes of the Don waterway bowl in the long run ended up plainly home to the opportunity adoring Cossacks. 

The colorful Cossack culture is as yet pervasive in Rostov-on-Don, a cutting-edge city of one million occupants ignoring the excellent Don stream. The town of "Starocherkasskaya", found 27 kilometers from Rostov-on-Don, is the previous capital of the Don Cossacks. Today it is a historical center city and one of the zone's fundamental vacation spots. 

In spite of its significant history, Rostov-on-Don takes after a youthful and new city. The roads are impractically named Harmonious, Creative and Lucky Lanes. Here one can locate the strangest landmarks: to a water pipe or to a daily paper peruse. 

Stream Don furnishes the city with the tranquil and pleasant sand shorelines and novel cooking, highlighting fish and crawfish dishes. 

Rostov-on-Don is arranged around 1,000 kilometers southeast of Moscow and is a key transport and social center point of southern Russia. 


Established in: 1749 

Populace: 1.1 million 

Separation to Moscow: 1109 km 



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