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Football world cup 2018 in Volgograd

To the steel-hearted nationals of Stalingrad - the endowment of King George VI - in token of the praise of the British individuals. 

Engraving on the sword of Stalingrad exhibited by Winston Churchill in 1943 Formerly known as Stalingrad, Volgograd reaches out nearby the Volga River and has 1 million inhabitants. Present day Volgograd is a critical assembling focus, with enterprises that incorporate shipbuilding, oil refining and steel and aluminum creation. 

Established in: 1589 (named Stalingrad until 1961)

Separation to Moscow: 941 km 

Volgograd and the encompassing zone saw a portion of the heaviest fights amid World War II. The Battle of Stalingrad was a defining moment in the war. The 85-meter "Country calling" statue is Volgograd's historic point and can be seen for any purpose of the city. 

Volgograd is middle for ecotourism in Russia. The city is near the interesting Volga-Akhtubin floodplains, the last immaculate extend of the Volga stream valleys. Lakes makeup 30 percent of the recreation center's domain and check more than 200 types of feathered creatures. 

Volgograd is a genuine donning city. Yelena Isynbayeva, a numerous world shaft vaulting champion and diplomat for Russia's offered to have the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, started her brandishing profession in Volgograd.


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