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Nikolaevsky Palace (Saint Petersburg)

In the very center of St.Petersburg, just in 10-munite walk from the Hermitage and 3-minute walk from the famous St.Isaak Cathedral one can see a beautiful palace - a real masterpiece of architecture of the second half of the XIXth century - Nikolaevsky Palace. Built by a gifted architect Andrey Schtakenshneider for Grand Duke Nikolay, a son of the...   Show more

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The Nikolaevsky Palace nowadays it’s not only one of the luxury palaces of Saint Petersburg but also a perfect place where one can enjoy a magnificent Folk Show "Feel Yourself Russian". Admiring the precious interiors of the Palace you’ll be able to listen famous Russian music, enjoy wonderful voices of singers and appreciate incredible skills of Russian folk ballet dancers. In the restaurant of the Palace you can feel yourself a real Tsar’s guest. Nikolaevsky Palace was built by the order of Nicolas I for his third son Nicolas in 1861 by an outstanding master of eclectic style – Shtakenschneider. During the long time the Great duke Nicolas was living there with his family. After the revolution the Palace was nationalized and was called the Labor Palace. During the Second World War the building was partly destroyed. Now it’s repaired and is opened for visitants. 
Having combined different styles, baroque, classic, renaissance, the architect Shtakenschneider created a building full of harmony. The marvelous marble gala stairs which decorates the interior of the palace is considered to be one of the best creations of Shtakenschneider.

Passing the entrance (beautifully renovated) to the Palace you will find yourself in the lobby - with its fabulous gala stairs leading to the Concert Hall and other beautifully renovated halls of the Palace. Courteous cavalier and elegant ladies in crinolines will greet you on the stairs showing you the way and making you forget the time. Beautiful melodies of the past performed by a professional musical quartet will give you impression that you are simply traveling through centuries: and this is just a beginning!


The Nikolaev Palace is located in the former Annunciation Square (now square of Labor), was built by architect A. I. Stakenschneider for Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich, son of Nicholas I. The construction of the Palace was completed in 1861.
The facades of the Palace are presented a great example of neo-renaissance style. Repeating the compositional techniques of Italian architecture of the sixteenth century, Stackenschneider saturated the stucco façade, ornamental sculptural accents, floor placed columns and pilasters. Due to the small scale of the order loses the power and grandeur inherent in the buildings of classicism. The portico of four granite columns, unlike classicism, plays the role of emotional and semantic centre, he turned into the simple design of the main entrance. Nevertheless, the Nikolaev Palace seems to be more of their true size because of the typical order of treatment of the facades. The first floor of the Palace is decorated with broad ionic pilasters, the first floor Corinthian columns and a third short narrow pilasters that creates the illusion of perspective reduction. Also facilitated the sculptural decoration that gives a sense of greater height of the building.
Preference in the decoration of the building was given to the Renaissance and Baroque periods. One of the most interesting works of architecture of Petersburg of the XIX century is the staircase of the Palace.
The complex of buildings of the Nikolaev city Palace is a kind of small ensemble, in which the monumental and elegant Palace to confront the modest facades of official buildings in the Eastern quarter. In the differentiation of architectural techniques was the desire to reflect the function of the building in its appearance, and to emphasize the difference in social status of the inhabitants of the Palace and office buildings.
At the end of the XIX century in the Nicholas Palace is situated Kseninsky Institute for noble maidens, who took the noble girls half who have lost one parent.
After the October revolution, the Institute was closed, and the building of the Palace was transferred to the Petrograd Council of trade unions. Later it was renamed the Palace of Labour, and in 1923, the so-called area – the area of Work. During Soviet rule, the Palace housed the Central library, the national University workers Union, various trade Union organizations. There, the printing press has started , which published the journal "Bulletin of trade unions" and the newspaper "Trud".
In the difficult years of the siege of Leningrad in the Nicholas Palace housed a hospital. As a result of bombardment, the building was badly damaged. In the late 40's – early 50-ies the building of the Palace was renovated.


Now it‘s time to show you something REALLY RUSSIAN! Here in a cozy and nicely decorated Concert Hall of the Nikolaevsky Palace we will give you more than just an opportunity to see unforgettable folk show performance "Feel Yourself Russian": you will not only FEEL involved - you will BE really involved! During two hours of this dynamic colorful and pictureous show, you will hear tuneful folk songs - romantic, and full of life, watch sparkling dances of different provinces of Russia, - and learn that some items - such as saws, wooden spoons, and other traditional household appliances, - can also be used as musical instruments! The folk show is represented with 4 professional folk groups: "Peters Quartet", "Souvenir", "Maidan", "Stars of St.Petersburg".

About Dress Code: casual style is okay.