Avacha Bay

Avacha Bay is known as the biggest and one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Surrounded by hills and snow-white mountain tops it is capable to hold the world fleet!

Boat-trip is a good possibility to observe eared seals, kalans (sea otters), fur seals, and perhaps beauty killer-whales cleaving endless space of the Pacific Ocean. A great number of birds are nesting on the island, such as red-faced cormorant, glaucous-winged gull, fulmar, tufted puffin, pigeon guillemot and many others. These islands are also the place of habitat for a rare Sea-eagle –it’s the biggest eagle in the world. Smaller bays have their own unique outlines and rocks have their own legends. For instance at the entrance to the ocean you can take a picture of “Gates of the town” – these are three rocks, elevating above water. Also the rocks are called “Three brothers” They say, ones brothers rose to defend Petropavlovsk and turned into stone protecting the coastline from tsunami. All this and a majestic panorama of Avacha Bay with a crown of Viluchinsky volcano top will leave in your hearth an incredible impression!