Home Theaters Saint Petersburg Mikhailovsky Theater , - Adolphe Adam "Le Corsaire" (Ballet in 2 Acts)
Classical ballet
Mikhailovsky Theater, Saint Petersburg
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes
World premiere: 4 December 1993


The storm sinkes a ship of corsairs.


Scene 1

A leader of the corsairs Conrad appears save at the shore of an island. He also saved corsair Birbanto that lost his consciousness. Conrad gets ashore and also faints. Fisherwomen come to the shore. Among them are two friends - Medora and Gulnare. Medora sees the corsairs. She tries to make Conrad come to himself. As soon as Conrad opens his eyes he remembers everything that has happened with him. He tries to call his friends but all invane. Turkish soldiers look for rescued corsairs. The girls manage to hide Conrad and Birbanto but they are captured by the enemy. They are transported to the ship op the merchant Akhmet who sells slaves.

Scene 2
The Turkish port. Slave’s market. Akhmet starts selling the captured girls. Most slaves get the richest person Seyd the Pacha-Pacha also buys Gulnare. Akhmet especially praises the beauty of Medora. An Arab sheik appears. A great bargain begins between Sheik and Seyd the Pacha. Sheik stoppes bargain and gives a chance to Seyd the Pacha to buy Medora. In triumph the Pacha asks his rival who is he. As an answer he takes of his bunus - everybody are shock. They recognize the famous corsaire Conrad. The treat of all the turks is alive! Slaves become free and corsairs escape. Birbanto tries to steal sacks with jewelry but the Turks catch him and he is about to betray his comrades out of cowardliness.

Scene 3
Conrad fells in love with Medora. He shows her his vast estate. Conrad orders his corsairs to return girls to their homes and gives them generous presents.
The corsairs are not satisfied and they try to dispute the order of Conrad. Birbanto is especially excited. He wants to devide the girls and all the gaing between corsairs. Conrad doesn’t want to listen to them. His power dominates over Birbanto and his friends. Akhmet offers to put to sleep Conrad with the help of special medicine and to take his revenge of him returning Medora to Seyd the Pacha.
Akhmet gives Conrad a flower with a sleeping - poison. Conrad smells the flower and falls asleep immediately. Medora calls for help, but only conspirators come to her calls...


Scene 4

On board of the ship of Seyd the Pacha. Seyd the Pacha has a feast in his harem. Akhmet and Birbanto takes Medora here. A dervise and his servant come to the harem - they are Conrad and Ali who decided to set Medora free.
Birbanto recognizes Conrad. They start fighting and corsairs win. Free slaves and girls rejoice. The ship is sailing to free shores.

Conrad, leader of corsairs.
Ali, friend of Conrad.
Birbanto, assistant of Conrad.

Seyd the Pacha.
Turks officer
Classical trio
Solo in the orchestra


Casts & Credits

Composer: Andrey Petrov
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Ballet company: Mikhailovsky Ballet
Set Designer: Simon Virsaladze
Composer: Andrey Petrov
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Ballet company: Mikhailovsky Ballet
Set Designer: Simon Virsaladze