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Appeal from Director


Appeal from Director

It might be hard to describe Russia shortly because the largest country in the world has also a lot of picturesque beauty to offer. In Russia, you have a lot of things to see. Nature-lovers, for instance, could find some places with incomparable beauty and enjoy various landscapes. Every traveler who visits Russia can see some of its top attractions, which include palaces and churches. Russia is a country stretched along Eastern Europe and northern Asia. The vast geography of Russia means that only a traveler with plenty of time could see all of its most recommended sights.

Russia reminds me of the greatness of the people, their nobility, and generosity. The country is as big as the heart of their people. Russia is now more accessible than the former (Soviet Union) because of affected understanding democracy and the movement “Glastnost” / Openness. uVisitRussia is a company with many years of experience. We offer a wide range of tours for our customers. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with major airlines and hotel groups, we can offer our customers the most competitive prices, from budget to luxury.

Our Mission is to provide customers with authentic travel experience in Russia at a competitive price. We offer tours with great attractions, authentic local restaurants, and good quality hotels. Our aim is simple: to make sure you have the very best holiday possible. That means using our extensive experience in holiday planning to offer you low prices, while never compromising on quality or service. We share our experience and passion for the region, which has earned us a reputation for creating life-changing holiday experiences through our innovative itineraries and the highest standards of service.

Our experienced and dedicated staff is also one of our biggest assets. We invest substantially in training to ensure every member of the team is not only enthusiastic and helpful but also knowledgeable. We all share a commitment to the highest standards of customer service and there is a positive, ‘can do’ culture within the company that encourages and rewards excellence.

uVisitRussia is dedicated to offering an unforgettable Russia travel experience for each traveler it serves. Our customers continue to recommend us all-over-the-world. We are proud of our team and the recognition it deserves. You will discover the magic and experience the spirit of Russia. We create emotional connections with our customers by promising and delivering the best part of your vacation. We expect only excellence from our team. Get ready for the best time of your travels.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and to have an amazing travel experience with!

Jeff Robinson
uVisitRussia founder and director