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Russian travel news

Legendary Olkhon is the only Baikal island where people live constantly. In addition to local residents, ancient spirits constantly live here and periodically - tourists.
The Winter Palace of Bogd Khan - one of the first museums in Mongolia - was built in 1924. It used to be a winter residence of the last Bogd Khan of Mongolia, Javzandamba.
Sculpture stands on the shore of the bay, as a symbol of eternity and frailty of all life before the onset of time. Ironically, although this embodiment of the glacial period is made of scrap metal, it looks very beautiful at the water's edge.
The current convent, founded in the XIV century. In the XIV-XIX centuries a miraculous icon was kept in the monastery, which glorified the monastery.
One of the main attractions of Petrozavodsk is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Its construction came in the first half of the XIX century, the temple was conceived as a kind of reminder of the war of 1812.
The Admiralty is considered one of the best works of architectural art in the world. A ship on his steeple is a historical symbol of the city.
One of the most picturesque places in Buryatia. The valley is located on the territory of the Tunkinsky national park. In addition to the incredible natural beauty, here you can explore several Buddhist temples.
The Cathedral of the Annunciation is an ancient Moscow relic, one of the most outlandish and complex Kremlin monuments.
The original decoration of Irkutsk is the Epiphany Cathedral. This temple is very unusual in appearance. Colorful and elegant, it does not look like classical Orthodox churches.
Avachinsky volcano is often called in its own way - Avacha. Of the trinity of "home volcanoes", located about twenty kilometers from Petropavlovsk, Avachinsky is the homeliest.
Among the one hundred thousand lakes of the Kola Peninsula, the Seydozero is not distinguished by either size or depth. But the fame of the most mysterious reservoir of the Kola Peninsula has long been firmly established behind Seydozero.
Fort No. 5 is a powerful defensive structure, surrounded by a moat, a stone wall and an earthen rampart. Built at the end of the 19th century, it stood the main test in 1945.


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