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The recreated historic quarter on the slope of Krestovaya Gora - neat wooden houses, well-maintained pedestrian area, museums, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.
Assumption Cathedral rises above Smolensk as its absolute dominant, high-rise, architectural and spiritual. The huge temple, standing on a high cape over the valley of the Dnieper, miraculously survived during both World War II.
The center of Russian Buddhism, the Ivolginsky Datsan, stands on the outskirts of the Verkhnyaya Ivolga village. Behind him are only bushes twined with wind horse flag, a plain overgrown with herbs and the foothills of the Khamar Daban.
Travel to the mysterious and poetic underground world of ice, miraculous sculptures, the purest underground lakes and legends connected with Kungur cave.
The Far Eastern Art Museum is more than just a good city or regional museum. The largest art gallery in the Far East, opening to visitors works of world-class artists, from Titian and Rembrandt to representatives of all areas of Russian painting.
The world-famous monument of Russian architecture, whose appearance has changed significantly over time.
Yesenin in general and the village of Konstantinovo in particular are the main hits of the Ryazan Region.
Akademgorodok is a Siberian scientific center. Here in the museum of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography the mummy of the "Princess of Ukok" is kept, and at the Institute of Nuclear Physics particles are dispersed in the local collider.
“The Bloodshed Hail” and the capital of the oprichnina, the royal residence and the monastery. Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda is so legendary that it is difficult to believe in its real existence in our time, even in the form of a museum-reserve.
The only one of the five first white-stone churches of North-Eastern Russia, which has come down to us in almost complete preservation.
In 1862, the monument “The Millennium of Russia” was erected precisely in Veliky Novgorod - as recognition of the key role of the city in the development of the Russian state.
One of the oldest cities in the Moscow region, has lived for eight and a half centuries. In Dmitrov, you can see what a small city with a large cultural background can be if it is invested in it.
The episode with the vocation of Mikhail Romanov in the kingdom - by and large, an accident in the history of the Ipatiev Monastery. Before it was the ancestral home of the Godunovs, with no connection with the Romanovs.
One of the main features of the Izborsk fortress is that the farther you leave it, the more impressive, higher and more inaccessible it seems.
Valaam - the largest island of the Valaam archipelago, located in the northern part of Ladoga island. Often, the whole archipelago is called Valaam.
The Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod evokes in memory both the Smolensk fortress and the Moscow Kremlin. A closed wall with thirteen towers on high hills, views of the Volga distances, monuments, old temples and new government buildings.
For the grandiose memorial complex “Height 102” it was ideal for the same reasons that for it 135 days were bloody battles: a hill in the central part of the city, near the Volga.
Monument to the tragically deceased Tsar Liberator Alexander II. Created in the style of Moscow and Yaroslavl churches of the XVII century.
One of the largest nunneries in Russia, associated with the names of Vasily III, Ivan the Terrible and Peter I.
The oldest Moscow garden near the Kremlin wall, shattered along the riverbed of the already defunct legendary Neglinka River, is the place from which the capital began.
Although the absolute height of Sinyukha is small - only 1210 meters above sea level, - but from the top there is a view of the boundless Kulundinskaya Steppe and the snow-covered peaks of Gorny Altai.
The caves of the Gethsemane Chernigovsky skete are the only man-made caves in central Russia.
The Kul Sharif Mosque, the main mosque of Tatarstan and one of the symbols of Kazan, is located on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin.
The impressive ensemble of the Spaso-Yakovlevsky monastery on the shore of the huge lake Nero resembles the ancient Russian city of Kitezh. Although in fact there is nothing Old Russian in it.
Church on Blood, one of Russia's largest churches. It stands on the spot where the members of the Russian Imperial family and several of their attendants were shot by the Bolsheviks in July 1918.
There are more than 800 monuments of culture and history in Yaroslavl, among which one of the main places is the Church of St. John the Baptist in Tolchkovo.
The architectural gem of Sochi and the Soviet resort “big style” is the old Marine Station with an airy marble gallery and an almost Admiralty spire.
The Golden Gate in Vladimir is not only an outstanding monument of ancient Russian architecture, but also a white-stone portal, which seems to open up a space-time tunnel.
The old Vladivostok Fortress is the city’s most popular and distinct sight. This complex of unique fortifications is rightfully considered one of the most powerful coastal fortresses in the world.
The story about the Mare’s Head is one of the most mysterious and terrible legends of Lake Baikal, this story is usually told by the shepherds from the island of Olkhon where this strange story happened.
In the glorious number of spiritual monasteries Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma occupies a special place.
One of the most imposing and controversial buildings in Russia, the resurrected Cathedral of Christ the Saviour has had a short but turbulent history.
We'll help you to feel its rhythm, its voice, learn troubled Novosibirsk history. We will advise you the places you need to visit.
Only 350 years ago Krasnoyarsk city was just a wooden burg surrounded by bulwark, moat and walls with 5 towers. But because of its strategic location in the center of taiga on the crossing of river and railroad thruways it became large siberian administra
The Khabarovsky Kray, with its unique nature, historical and ethnic sightseeing locations, is a very attractive region for tourists!
Perm is the most Eastern city of Europe, and therefore its province is often referred to as Eurasia. Having a population of 1 million, Perm' is one of the largest cities in Russia and the second largest in the Urals.
Discover the beautiful nature of the great Russian North and explore the islands on Lake Onega and the White Sea traveling with with our tours!
This internal Russian republic bordering Mongolia is famous for its Buddhist monasteries, Shamanistic monuments and Lake Baikal.
The Kizhi Museum is one of the largest open air museums in Russia. This unique historical, cultural and natural complex is a particularly valuable object of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia.
Yakutia in Russia (officially called the Sakha Republic) is an unexplored land that amazes with its beauty. Yakutia is one of the rare places on our planet with preserved primeval nature and an amazing variety of flora and fauna.
Kazan is one of the largest cities in Russia, more than a million people call it their home. Kazan is rightfully considered one of the cultural and economic centers of the Volga region.
Yekaterinburg is the major city, said to be the third largest in Russia. Though is not a major tourist center yet. It was closed for foreign visitors for many years and was "opened" only in mid ninetees.
Altai is an inimitable in its beauty, full of charm and mysteries land located on the crossing of borderlines of four states, they are Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. It’s home for the largest in the world Western-Siberian plain and the Altai Moun
Kaliningrad is an enclave, a disconnected wedge of Russia that lies between Lithuania, Poland and the Baltic Sea. The awareness that they live on the foreign soil and are faced daily with the examples of the Western life, gives the population of Kaliningr
There are few places in the world that can enthral quite like Kamchatka, easily Russia's most scenically dramatic region. A vast volcanic peninsula that is almost entirely wilderness, Kamchatka is a place of extraordinary primal beauty, rushing rivers, ho
Vladivostok is the home to the Russian Pacific Fleet so it has quite a rich military history. Being surrounded by water from all sides Vladivostok is particulary known for its local seafood.
Irkutsk is included inthe list of historical cities preserving their old planning and buildings. There are about 685 historical and cultural monuments in Irkutsk, 108 of them are monuments of national importance.
For the railroad lovers and for our friends with adventurous spirit, who want to discover the beauties of Russia in a unique way, we offer our retro train tours with different kinds of compositionsof retro trains.
We offer you to make new exciting and unforgettable trips to Baikal! Travel to Lake Baikal should be on the “must do list” of every tourist who is visiting Russia. Baikal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Southern region of Siberia
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