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Why travel with UVisitRussia

Things that make us Different

We accumulate a whole range of experience and know in depth what each travel tour has to offer. If you have any questions about uVisitRussia.com we are here to assist. We naturally stand by all of the 100% authentic reviews that we have received and posted on our website. Our experienced staffs, who have worked with travellers of different cultures, nationalities, interests, ages and genders will give you recommendation so that you can make the best out of your holiday. We want everyone to enjoy the best of our services. Please look this page to see for yourself.

1. Customers Trust Worldwide
Customers around the world place their greatest amount of trust in our service. Everyone representing our tours puts forward a positive image and treats customers with the kind of respect which will get them coming back again and again. We strive at every turn to redefine your notion of what is possible on your holiday. Our personally customised programmes are bespoke. Each one designed to reflect your individual interests and needs to deliver unique life experiences.

2. Russian Tour Operator
We are licenced by the Russain Ministry of Tourism as a Tour Operator for Russia. Our head office is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The local presence and our experience of many years gives many advantages including the lowest available rates as well the the highest possible customer service level. We know that through our global network of experts, we have the knowledge and resources to create memorable journeys specifically taking in your particular needs and interests. We have the lower prices for your ideal holiday.

3. Best guides, drivers and support team
Our guides are the best in the business. Each has extensive knowledge. Multilingual and well travelled, each possesses insight into the diverse attractions and cultural in present throughout the region. Drivers and guides undergo a rigorous selection process, achieving outstanding knowledge of local culture and language. Our membership selection panel considers only the finest suppliers in Russia (theaters, hotels) for making the best travels and the best prices for our customers.

4. 24/7 support.
You’re Never Alone with our 24/7 Travel Support. Every client get our 24/7 support phone numbers in Russia. Get peace of mind for an entire trip.

5. Specially trained guides
We have a special training programs for the guides developed in cooperation with Russian Ministry of Tourism. Our expert team regards travel as a calling that stimulates the mind and nourishes the spirit. We will work with you to develop a customized approach that meets your needs.

6. Specially selected hotels and restaurants
The best hotels for the best prices look forward to welcoming our customers. Hotel ratings are often used to classify hotels according to their quality. Our team updates you on the latest and greatest, what’s hot, and what’s classic. Hotels, restaurants, special events and what you might not have considered that could be just right for you. We believe that our program will complement all your requirements.

7. Best logistics
Our logistical team consistently works closely with our partners and customers to make the best tour to suit you. Flexibility and exclusivity are paramount. Through our working process, we take the time to understand the destinations, the experiences and the elements that constitute your ideal holiday.

8. Highest customer satisfaction rate
uVisitRussia.com has a customer satisfaction rate of 99.5% which means that customers are very satisfied with our tours. Our personalized services & creative solutions are specifically customized for each project.

9. Leading company in travel to Russia 
We have started several of the most popular tour programs. We are listening to our customers, are dedicated to understanding their needs and value long-lasting relationships with you.

We boast the best travel consultants and operators among the local agents – who are friendly, full of skills and experience to assist you with your trip. Need an advice or a recommendation? We will listen to every of your request and turn your dream holiday into a reality. We are always delighted to be of service to you, anytime of the day.