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Tugan Avylym (Tatar Village)

In the business central part of Kazan you can find a small oasis of original Tatar culture — the Tugan Avylym Restaurant Village. It opened in the year of celebrating the 1000th Anniversary of the city and is currently one of the most visited tourist sites in Kazan. National rural style of the village is emphasized by all buildings in the territory — they are made of natural log.

In addition to log houses, flower beds and an artificial pond with a bridge, the village includes a restaurant of Tatar national cuisine with a wide range of traditional dishes, baked food and desserts. Pancake house will treat guests with gassy pancakes cooked in the oven according to old recipes And those who want to feel refreshment of mind and body can visit a bath complex in the Native village, this is a translation of Tugan Avylym from Tatar language.

Tugan Avylym will please even the youngest guests. There is an adventure park, a touching zoo and a «Teddy bear House» plush toys museum for children.

In a mill, which is part of the national complex, master classes on clay modeling, leather embossing, painting with natural paints and lacemaking are held. Local craftsmen will tell about the history of Tatar costume, headdresses and national ornament.

Here, on the territory of the village, you can buy handmade souvenirs and take a picture with the first in Tatarstan monument to ochpochmak (triangular national meat pie).

The restaurant of the complex regularly hosts concerts of popular Tatar pop stars, but national folklore dinner show «Kazan» is rightfully considered the main entertainment. Theatrical performance takes us into ancient Tatar legends, where the characters tell the history of Kazan through dances, songs and interactive entertainment with involvement of guests. The national show takes place every Saturday in the summer season and on public holidays.