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Museum of Sochi Sport Honour

The Museum of Sochi Sport Honour is part of the structure of the Museum of the History of Sochi and was created shortly before the opening of the Olympic Games. The mayor of the city made an initiative to create it, and in 2010 the museum received its first visitors. The museum displays over 300 items, each of which represents the achievements of outstanding Russian athletes and coaches who are born in Sochi. The exhibits tell about different stages of preparation for the Olympics, the history of the Olympic Games and the modern Olympic movement.

Great interest among visitors is caused by sporting shells and equipment, which was used in the training of athletes - for example, the bobsledder training Bob Alexandra Voevoda. And one of the main decorations of the museum collection is a collection of bright stage costumes prepared for the participants of the gala closing ceremony of the XXI Olympic Games that took place in 2010 in Vancouver.

Particular attention should be paid to breadboard models of the coastal and mountainous parts of Sochi with Olympic objects on them, as well as multimedia screens with video materials for sports. The museum also presents other interesting and unique items, closely related to the development of sports in Sochi. The Museum of Sports Glory has become a real cultural center, regularly gathering in its walls a lot of people who are keen on sports.