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Switzerland Park

“Switzerland” Park is one of the most popular parks in Nizhny Novgorod. It’s located along the Oka slope. In 1903 teachers and their students planted trees near one bus stop. That was the beginning of the park.

The length of the park is 3,5 kilometers. The area of the park is immense: it covers 52 hectares. There are oaks, lindens, birch trees, maples, exotic trees and bushed in the park.

The park is perfect for those families who want to have a good time. Here you can find a wonderful amusement park, playgrounds, observation wheel, adventure park, bike rent, skate park, cafes. During the winter season the skating ring is open in the park. There is also a lovely zoo.

If you like adventures, you will definitely be into underground passages and misused railway tracks.

Near the park there is also a monument to those who died in Afghanistan and Chechnya.