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Advices while packing

This section will help you know that you are ready for your trip to Russia.

Money: cash (Rubles) and credit cards

The ruble or rouble ("rubli" on English spelling) is the currency of the Russian Federation. The best way is to have some cash when you come to Russia and the rest – on your credit card. You will have no problem finding an ATM in or near your hotel (actually you will find it on every corner in Moscow and St. Petersburg). But if you're going to small towns or to the countryside, it's better to take cash only, because you might have problems cashing the cards. Please pay attention that even in big cities not all the places accept credit cards, especially a lot of the smaller shops or street kiosks, food booths, etc

Best of all to take cash in US dollars or Euros, because that's the currency you'll be able to change everywhere in Russia. Buying rubles abroad is usually extremely difficult, and exchange rates, at least for dollars and euro, are much more competitive in Russia.

The rate of the Russian ruble today (summer 2014) is 33 rubles for 1 US dollar. We recommend to take $200-400 US (6600 - 13200 RUR) in cash - just enough for initial expenses - transport, accommodation, food.

It is very important to notify your bank before you leave and let them know that you will be traveling so they do not block your cards while you are in Russia -just in case. Anyway uVisitRussia has an emergency number - if you will have any problem - we will solve it for you ASAP.

Unfortunately pick pocketing is an ongoing concern in many tourist places all over the world - and Russia is not an exception. uVisitRussia always warn our customers before excursions but still please do make sure all your valuables are safely kept.


Because of the vast size of the territory, Russia consists of several continental zones. Also, depending on the time of the year, your options will vary. Summers in Moscow and St Petersburg are very similar to northern Europe. but, for example, in the north winters are long and harsh, in some places there is lots of snow fall and temperatures fall below -40 degrees Celsius.

If you are travelling to central Russia - evenings can be cold even in July and August, so don’t forget a warm coverup.

At midsummer in St Petersburg there is no real darkness - the world famous "White nights". Do not forget to bring the umbrella with you - it is a bit rainy here.

If you are travelling in winter - pack very warm clothes, temperature between November and February will be below zero degrees Celsius. You will not regret if you also take a scarf and warm hat with gloves.

If you are going to visit a theatre - there is no strict dress code, casual dress is accepted, for example you can wear jeans if you want. The only dress that are not allowed are shorts and T-shirts.


If you want to travel to Russia, you need a Russian visa. Before the depature please check all the documents - as it is the most important during your travel. Please make sure that this Russian visa is pasted in your passport and valid for the length of your trip. Period of stay: 1 to 30 days (up to 36 months for US Citizens).

A great solution is to make copies of all documents - just in case. You can take copies with you while the original documents will be in the hotel safe. However if you have lost documents - let us know ASAP and get a phone of your Embassy in Russia.

Electric plugs

The standard voltage is 220V, 50Hz AC. Sockets require a Continental or European plug with two round pins. Pack a travel adaptor with you - but anyway you can take one at the reception of your hotel.

Can you use your cell phone in Russia? Does your cell phone work in Russia?
Depends on your cell phone. All major mobile providers of the world can be used in Russia. Mobile phones in Russia, as in the rest of Europe, use the GSM network. If you are unsure about your phone - this information is available on your mobile company and through their service department. The average minute international roaming in Russia will be around $ 5.


No vaccinations is required if you going to visit Russia.