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Mount Sinyuha, Altai

Sinyuha is the highest point of the Kolyvan Ridge, and in the title “the highest” there is special magic. Human nature always wants to climb higher and look at the world under their feet. Let the absolute height of Sinyukha be small - just 1210 meters above sea level - but on the one hand lies the boundless Kulundinskaya steppe, on the other hand the snow-capped peaks of Gorny Altai.

In ancient times, pagans worshiped Sinyukha. In Soviet times, the Orthodox communities of Altai and Kazakhstan secretly gathered at the top of Sinyukha, conducted worship. Orthodox still consider Sinyukha to be a holy, sacred place, climbing a mountain equals pilgrimage. At the top there is a huge flat stone with a depression in which water accumulates. This stone is called the Sacred Cup; it is said that the water collected in the Chalice heals wounds and cures many diseases.

The ascent to Sinyukha begins from one of the lakes, the Beloye or Mokhovoye. Mokhovoye is located right on the slope of Sinyukha, therefore it is considered as a single sacred whole with the mountain - many believe that bathing in Mokhovoye can wash away sins for a year. From Kolyvan to Mokhovoe Lake (and, therefore, to Sinyukha) - about 7 km to the south. The lake is small, about 33 by 22 meters, it is not visible on the maps.

From Kolyvan to Mokhovoye and Sinuha can be reached on foot (two hours on the road in normal steps) or by off-road vehicle. But on foot is preferable: the road is abandoned and very dangerous at the slightest deterioration of weather conditions. As you see the abandoned mine Kolyvanstroy - it means exactly half way passed. From the northeast coast of Mokhovoy there is a path to the top of Sinyukha.

You can get to Sinyuha from the popular Beloye Lake. To him from Kolyvan 5 km to the east. But this distance can be overcome by car, without particularly risking suspension. From Beloye to Sinyukha about 11 km, and the path to the summit is the only one and goes past Lake Mokhovoye.

The tourist infrastructure around Sinyukha is lagging behind the popularity of these places. There are several camp sites, including the camping site "Gornaya Kolyvan" near Kolyvanstroi and the base "Skala". Apparently, Sinyukha will long remain a paradise for savages who prefer tent camps.

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