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New Pulkovo Terminal Entered Top 100 Global Infrastructure Projects

“Existing urban infrastructure is in urgent need of revitalization, and demands for new infrastructure have skyrocketed to meet the basic needs of growing populations. The world’s cities are already home to more than half the world’s population, and that number is expected to jump by more than three billion by 2050,” — said Nick Chism, KPMG’s Global Head of Infrastructure. “The World Cities Edition looks specifically at the challenges faced by cities around the world and features 100 innovative projects that can inspire readers to finance and develop infrastructure projects that make a positive difference to the cities we live in.”

The projects showcased in the Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition were selected by independent judging panels of industry experts from five regions of the world, including: Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. Projects were then sorted into project categories, including: Global Connectivity, Education, Healthcare, Recycling and Waste Management, Energy and Communications Infrastructure.

“The Airport reconstruction and development project is the first one in Russia which entered the Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition. The global recognition verifies that we are on the right track. In the end of 2013 passengers will see the new airport which will meet the highest standards of service,” — said Sergey Emdin, CEO of Northern Capital Gateway LLC.

The Pulkovo Airport reconstruction project became one of the most innovative global connectivity projects. Other nominees are Medina Airport in Saudi Arabia, Calgary International Airport in Canada, Fehmarnbelt Crossing which represents the final missing link connecting Scandinavia to mainland Europe and so forth.

Beginning April 29, 2010 Northern Capital Gateway LLC — the Pulkovo Airport Operator carries out major reconstruction of the Airport according to the Public-Private Partnership Agreement. In order to increase the Airport capacity and improve passenger service quality Northern Capital Gateway LLC realizes the existing terminals modernization. As a result, areas are used in a rational way, the number of check-in counters has been increased, the Pulkovo 1 waiting areas as well as the Pulkovo2 check-in area have been expanded, new Lost and Found offices have been opened, self-registration service is under implementation, the service program for passengers with limited mobility has been started, extra passport control counters have been opened at the Pulkovo 2 departure area and the transfer carriage system is being developed. The first phase of the Airport development is the construction of the main terminal building as well as the North Pier and the landside two-level ramp. The total area of terminals will be increased to 146, 600 square meters. The new terminal and the North Pear will be opened for passengers in the fourth quarter of 2013, the reconstructed Pulkovo 1 terminal — in June 2014.