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National Russian Ballet "Kostroma" (Moscow)

National Ballet of Russia “Kostroma” presents folk programme that doesn’t have any analogues in Russia as far as artistic production and staging mastery are concerned – “National Russian Show” which takes place in the concert hall of the hotel “Cosmos”. The Show is called up to brightly introduce trad...   Show more

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President of “The National Ballet “Kostroma” and producer of “The National Russian Dance Show”, the Honored worker of culture Elena Tsarenko believes that foreign guests have now an opportunity to get acquainted with the elevated culture based on the folk material alongside with the trite folklore that is widely presented to the foreign guests coming to Moscow. “Our project is super expensive as we are employing the best modern special effects. The music is composed specifically for the show and is recorded with the folk instrument orchestra named after Osipov. The costumes are all decorated with handmade embroidery. Besides, we use so called “live pictures”: rear-video-projection instead of the sets. We made them three-dimensional”. 

The programme consists of the two parts: the first one is solemn while the second is more lyrical and, of course, dedicated to love. “Our programme tells about the history of Russia. The originality and the beauty of the show will make people get plunged in a fairy-tale: luxurious, magical, with its fun moments and surprises, and, of course, with the happy end!”.

Besides, Elena Tsarenko thinks that the Russian culture needs to be presented first of all in Russia. It will make Russia even more attractive to tourists. The real Russian culture could be truly perceived only in Russia.

The beginning of a new epoch in the history of mankind has always been considered a special time, when the people start their life anew. At the same time mankind feels the necessity of coming back to ancient occult knowledge and cultural traditions.

Folk dance and rites connected with it are impregnated with national energy, there is the rhythmic implementation of national mentality. The nation, which forgot its origin, is doomed to spiritual death.

“National Ballet “Kostroma” is a company that has been taking attempts to preserve the Russian culture, traditions and Russian peoples’ spirit for the last fifteen years. President of the company is the Honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation Elena Tsarenko. The artistic director and balletmaster is the Honored Worker of the Cultural Sphere of the Russian Federation Yuri Tsarenko

Most of the company members have moved to Kostroma from different parts of Russia. Kostroma is a city where the theatre of the company is located. This is the place that the Ambassadors came to call Michael Romanov, the first Tsar of the Romanovs Dynasty, to the throne.

The first professional theatre of the folk dance – “National Ballet “Kostroma” – was founded in 1991. Such programmes as “To the Holy Rus!” and “The Russian Performance” were staged from 1994 to 1998.

The brightest programmes of the company are “The Mysterious Rus” staged in 1999 and “Once Upon a Time…” produced in 2003. The premiers of both of the programmes took place at one of the biggest concert halls in Moscow “Rossia”.

These shows are unique, first of all, due to the natural synthes of live fragments of Russian culture and modern equipment. The project widely employs the most up-to-date videoprojection, laser animation devices and other visual effects. The props for the show are hand-made embroidery, which will be changed throughout the performance, and unique slide backgrounds. Specially for every item of the performance were made costumes.

Any performance of the company can be called a blockbuster meaning a global project in which a lot of creative, material and technical assets were put into. Company’s show amazes with the beauty of the conception, the virtuosity of performance, professional attitude and attention to the nuances. This is not a movie with the numerous takes but a live show. There is no violence, terror and tragedies but fine details, connected with the ancient Russian culture, thoroughly thought over, braided in a colorful canvas.

One of the most recent projects of “the National Ballet “Kostroma” has become a tourist project called “National Russian Dance Show” that presupposes 100 performances of the company that take place annually in the concert hall of Cosmos Hotel (Moscow) during the summer time. The first season took place in 2005 during which more than 50 000 people came to see the show.

"Dress Code"

The is no Dress Code for the National Russian Show. Formal wear is not necessary, casual wear and jeans are OK.