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Nina Kaptsova (Dancer)

She was born in Rostov-on-Don. She studied at the Moscow Choreographic College (today the Moscow Choreographic Academy), in the class of Sophia Golovkina. Upon graduating in 1996 she joined the Bolshoi Ballet Company.
Her coach at the Bolshoi is Marina Kondratieva.

In 1992-93 she was the grant-aided student of international charitable program "New names", 94- m g. - by the laureate of this of programmy.
is rewarded with sign "for the achievements in the culture" (2001).

basic of repertuar

Amur ("the Don Quixote" in the editorial staff Of yu. grigorovich, then it fulfilled this party in the play in the editorial staff Of a. fadeyechev, including on the premier in 1999)
Pa of d‘aks‘on ("A. Adam‘s Zhizel‘", choreography Of zh. koralli, Zh. perro, M. petip in the editorial staff Of v. vasil‘eva)
fe sportiveness ("the latent beauty" P. Tschaikovsky, M. petip‘s choreography in the editorial staff Yu. grigorovicha)

Muza ("Paganini" to S. Rakhmaninoff‘s music, choreography L. lavrovskogo)
to dzhampe - "two" ("the bayadere" Of l. minkus, M. petip‘s choreography in the editorial staff Yu. grigorovicha)
lady-in-waiting ("latent krasavitsa")

Mari ("the nut cracker" Of p. Tschaikovsky, choreography Yu. grigorovicha)
four swans ("swan lake" P. Tschaikovsky in the editorial staff Of v. Vasil‘yev, then in the play in the editorial staff Yu. grigorovich‘s, choreography L. ivanova)
the first Pa de trua ("I. stravinskiy‘s agonic lines", choreography J. balanchin) - there was one of first executors of this ballet in the the large of teatre
the lady of heart ("fantasy by Casanova‘s theme" to V. a.Motsart‘s music, choreography M. lavrovskogo)
Yu. grigorovich‘s Anyuta Anyuta "to V. gavrilin‘s music, choreography V. vasil‘eva)

waltz ("Polish ball" in M. glinkya‘s opera "Ivan Susanin", choreography R. zakharova)
soloist ("Motsartiana" to P. Tschaikovsky‘s music, J. balanchina)
printsess‘s choreography aurora ("latent krasavitsa")

soloist ("post-meridian leisure of faun" to K. Debussy‘s music, choreography J. robbinsa)
neapolitanskaya is bride ("swan lake" in the second editorial staff Yu. grigorovicha)

Lees ("vain precaution" L. gerol‘d, F. ashton‘s choreography) - the first executor in the Bolshoi theater
of the contemporary of prince ("swan ozero")
Of sil‘fida ("Kh. levenshell‘s Sil‘fida", A. burnonvil‘s choreography in the editorial staff 3. m.fon Rozen)

variation into the boundary Pa, the first variation in the picture of the "dreams Of raymondy" ("A. glazunov‘s Raymonda", M. petip‘s choreography in the editorial staff Yu. grigorovicha)

Princess of florin ("latent krasavitsa")
tarantella (to L. m.Gottshal‘k‘s music, choreography J. balanchina)
the second Pa de trua ("" i. stravinskiy‘s agonic lines, choreography of J. balanchin)
p de de Tschaikovsky (choreography J. balanchina)
Zina ("bright stream" d. Shostakovic in the setting A. ratmanskogo)
Frigiya ("Spartacus" a. khachaturyan, choreography Of yu. grigorovicha)
Helen ("sleep on the summer night" to the music Of f.Mendel‘sona-Bartol‘di and To d.Ligeti in setting Of dzh.Noymayera) - the first executor in the the large of teatre

Lightness ("omens" to P. Tschaikovsky‘s music, choreography L. myasina)

Rita ("the Golden Age" D. Shostakovic in the setting Yu. grigorovicha)
Zhizel‘ ("Zhizel‘")


In 2000 it participated in the gala- concert of the artists of ballet in Greece - with Andrey yevdokimov carried out Pa de de from A. Adam‘s ballet "Corsair" (M. petipa).
ispolnil‘s choreography title party in the ballet "anyuta" at the international festival of the classical ballet im. R. nureyev, which is conducted in Kazan (2002).
in 2003 participated in the festival of the artists of the Bolshoi theater, Danish royal ballet and American ballet theater, that passed on the scene of Kennedy- center in Washington. It danced the "vision of rose" to the music k. m. von veber (choreography Of m. Fokin, the partner of gennadi yanin).
vystupil also in the gala- concert, which was being taken place within the framework of the project of the "stars OF THE XXI century" in Toronto (partner of Dmitriy gudanov).
ispolnil title party in the ballet of Anatoliy yemel‘yanov "Romeos and Juliette" to the music Of p. Tschaikovsky (partner Aleksandr volchkov) within the framework of the tours of theater "crown of Russian ballet" in Mexico (2003).

It participated in the project of the Bolshoi theater "workshop of new choreography" (200yag.), after coming out in the ballet "Hungarian dances" to the music Of i.Bramsa (choreography Of a.Miroshnichenko).