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Yury Petukhov (Artistic Director)

Artistic Director of the Russian Classical Ballet Palace theatre, People‘s Artist of Russia, State Prize Laureate of Russia, Laureate to International Ballet competition, Yury Petukhov was born on November 06, 1953.

After finishing the Perm choreographic school (teacher Y.i. Plaht), he began working in 1972 at the Perm theatre. Debuted in a party Franz. The first performer of parties: the Germann‘s double ("Three cards", 1973), Truffaldino ("The Servant of two misters", 1976, choreography by N. N. Boyarchikov), Adam ("Creation of the world", 1974), choreography by M. M. Gasiev). Since 1979 works at Maly opera and ballet theatre. The first performer of parties in ballets put by Boyarchikov: Gerakl, Franz ("Robbers", 1982), Makbet ("Makbet", 1984), the choreographic compositions by L. S. Lebedev: "Two dances in style gagaku" (1988), "Illusion" (1989), "Vii" (1990). The job with this balletmaster detailed has opened the person of the actor.

Possession by gift of transformation allowing him to create the contrast, the emotional Images, possession of masterly technique of classical have ensured to him all the leading roles of both the classical and modern choreographical repertoires. He performed the following leading roles: Albert ("Giselle"), Zigfrid ("Swan Lake"), Kolen; Peter ("Halt of Cavalry"), Boris ("King Boris"), Podkolesin ("Marriage"), Grigoryi ("Silent Don"), Foreman ("Foreman and Margarita"), Snake-charmer ("Kleopatra"), Vision of a rose ("Vision of Rose"), Basill, Desire, Prince ("Nutcracker"), Romeo, Mercuzio and Benvolio ("Romeo and Juletta"), Orfei ("Orfei and Evridika").

Being by one of the most interesting performer of a modern choreography he continues to create new. After graduating in 1989 balletmaster‘s part of the Leningrad Conservatory he puts ballets on stages of different theatres: "Fly cranes" (1985, Maly Theatre), "Don Quixote" (1987, theatre "Estonia"), "White knight" (Maly theatre), "Karmen" (Valencia), "Cinderella", "Nutcracker" (Tokio) and small ballet: "Picture", "Drama three" and many others.

On 2 International Ballet competition Yury Petukhov has received 1 premium for the best choreography and 3 premium as a balletmaster and teachers throughout Russia and abroad.