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Check off all of Kaliningrad's Top Sites (4 hours)

The 4-hour tour includes a visit to the Cathedral, symbol of Kaliningrad and a chance to see the tomb of Immanuel Kant, the city’s most famous former resident.

Our private guide will take you to the remains of the city walls and stop to look at some of the surviving gates. The 4-hour tour includes a visit to the Cathedral, symbol of Kaliningrad and a chance to see the tomb of Immanuel Kant, the city’s most famous former resident.

Gothic (Konigsberg) Cathedral was built in Gothic style in the 14th century. A central site on the Kneiphof Island was chosen for the prestigious construction which would one of Germany’s large cathedrals. During history the building was the official coronation church of the Prussian kings. During World War II the Konigsberg Cathedral was almost completely destroyed, only parts of the outer walls were remaining when the battle for Konigsberg was over. Since the 1990’s an ongoing reconstruction work has taken place. From the outside the cathedral looks like its former self now with roofs and a tower clock that was inserted in 1995. An interesting museum in the church tells about the history of the building as well as the life and constructions on Kneiphof Island which was the heart of former German Konigsberg.

Kant's mausoleum adjoins the northeast corner of Konigsberg Cathedral in Kaliningrad. The mausoleum was constructed by the architect Friedrich Lahrs and was finished in 1924 in time for the bicentenary of Kant's birth. Originally, Kant was buried inside the cathedral, but in 1880 his remains were moved to a neo-Gothic chapel adjoining the northeast corner of the cathedral. Over the years, the chapel became dilapidated and was demolished to make way for the mausoleum, which was built on the same location.

Then you may choose between visiting the Amber Museum, which introduces its visitors to the Baltic “gold” – amber, or one of the objects of the Museum of the World Ocean: King's Gate, Friedrichsburg Gate, Space Communications Ship "Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev" or Soviet B-413 diesel Submarine.

More inside visits ( to choose from):

The only Russian Amber museum was opened in 1979, in the tower built in the middle of the 19th century houses in the center of Kaliningrad. The exposition occupies more than 1000 sq. m. There are amber specimens of different weight, color- grade and transparency level in the science part. A large part of collection includes the amber specimens with inclusions of flora and fauna that got in viscous resin millions years ago. The amber adornments and household items made from the period 4000-2000 BC to present day are gathered in the cultural and historical part. The unique works made by masters of the 17th century are of particular value, they were given to museum as a gift from the Kremlin Armoury in 1978. They are completed with modern copies of old amber works, recreated part of the famous Amber Chamber and the original items made in the 19 - early 20 century.

The Royal Gate is one of the former six gates that were built during the 19th century around Kaliningrad. It was originally the Gumbinnen Gate, built in 1765 at the edge of the district Neue Sorge. In 1811 it was renamed the Royal Gate and was the terminus of the Königstraße boulevard. The gate was redesigned by Friedrich August Stüler in 1850. The west facade has three sandstone statues, made by sculptor Wilhelm Stürmer: nine metres above the ground to the left the Bohemian king Ottokar II is depicted, who was Königsberg's namesake. Frederick I of Prussia, Prussia's first king, follows as the middle statue. To the right Albert, Prussia's first duke and founder of the Albertina university, holds an eye over the city. Above the sculptures the coat of arms of Samland and Natangen are shown.

The Friedrichsburg Gate is the only surviving element of the former fortress of Friedrichsburg. These gates were built in 1852 according to the design of F. A. Stuler. The gates consist of a central driveway portal in the arch shape, to the sides of which are symmetrically located casemates for the garrison. On the sides of the passage there are four round towers. The gates are adorned with decorative parapets with prongs and false Gothic windows. They led to the Fort Friedrichsburg (built in the 17th century to protect the Pregol riverbed), which in the middle of the 19th century became an integral part of the second fortification barrage. The citadel was demolished after the World War I when laying new railroad tracks. The recently restored Friedrichsburg Gate is the only reminder of the once existed fort where Peter I, who arrived in 1697 in Koenigsberg with the Grand Embassy under the name of Peter Mikhailov, studied artillery science and even received a certificate that allows to recognize and honor its owner for the perfect In throwing bombs, a cautious and skillful firearm artist.

The research vessel Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev is the only vessel designed for space communication in the world with a museum exposition aboard. In 2001, the ship was moored at the museum quay. That is perhaps the reason she was spared, unlike the other vessels of the flotilla. The research vessel Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev witnessed significant milestones in Soviet space exploration. She participated in creating the national nuclear-missile shield and was used in the testing and flight of spacecraft. After the Soviet Union was broken up and a difficult economic situation in the 1990s, the fleet was dissolved. The vessel was named after Viktor Patsayev, an astronaut, Hero of the Soviet Union. On November 24, 1978 a pennant of the USSR Academy of Sciences was hoisted. Till 1994 the vessel was a part of a terminal complex used to control satellites and interplanetary stations, to receive and process information and to communicate with astronauts. She was a range ship equipped with antennas and electronics and sailed the World Ocean. Even today the ship performs the same tasks as 30 years ago: she provides communication with the International Space Station.

The submarine B-413 (or NATO’s Foxtrot) is a unique museum vessel. This is the only submarine in Russia and one of a few in the world that belongs to the pre-atomic period. Moreover, she is preserved in original. Strength hull and outer casing, superstructures, all main and auxiliary mechanisms, equipment and armament are the same as they were when the submarine was retired from the Navy. The History of the Russian Undersea Fleet exposition is currently located on board.

Type: Private Tour
Duration: 4 hours
Departure time: 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 01:00 PM

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Sights included in program

1/7th of the World : Kaliningrad
Kaliningrad is the centre of the most western Russian region which plays a unique role in the commercial interaction between Russia and Europe. Overlooking the Baltic Sea, the Kaliningrad region boasts some striking scenery. Among the region's attractions, you'll find a vibrant city with 700 years of Prussian history, pleasant coastal towns facing the sea, and the wild Curonian spit, a narrow landmass lined with some of Europe's highest sand dune... Read more
Kaliningrad : Amber Museum
This art depository was inaugurated in 1979, to become Russia’s first and only Amber Museum. Located in the center of Kaliningrad on the Verkhneye Lake shore, it is housed in a fortress tower dating from the mid-nineteenth century. Read more
Kaliningrad : Gothic Cathedral
The Cathedral Church in Kaliningrad (former Koenigsberg) is an inactive cathedral located in the historical district of the city – Kneiphof island (also known among locals as the “Island of Kant”). Read more
Kaliningrad : Immanuel Kant's Tomb
Read the inscription on Immanuel Kant's Grave and learn which two things never ceased to occupy the philosopher's mind. The memorial to the great philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment is one of the few historical places from the German era that survived when the Soviets took over the city, thanks to an open letter written by an anonymous person. The letter, which cited Engels' writings to prove that Kant was important for communist ideology, sa... Read more
Kaliningrad : Museum of World Ocean
The main building of the Museum of the World Ocean was opened in September, 2003 by the VII International Congress of the History of Oceanography. The World of the Ocean. A Glimpse… exposition and its wonderful marine aquariums and collections of corals and shells appeared in 2004. The Congress-Hall is located on the first floor. Concerts, exhibitions, conferences and presentations are held here. The lighthouse containing the lens of Fresn... Read more
Kaliningrad : Royal Gate
The Royal Gate were, to common conviction, one of the most beautiful in the city. The present Royal Gates inherited its name from the older gates, which were located in the same place. Initially, the Calthof Gates were situated at this place. In 1717, they were demolished, and during the entry of Koeningsberg into Russia during the Seven Year War, the gates on this site were built anew by Russian engineers. Originally, these gates were called Gum... Read more
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