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Steaming walk (3 hours)

Route: Riga railway station - Krasny Baltiets station (locomotive depot) - Riga railway station

Collection of the group at the entrance to the museum of full-scale samples of railway equipment - right wing of the Riga railway station, on the street.  Departure of the retro-train (a sedentary car with tables in the backs of seats) in the head of which is a real coal locomotive. Directions from the museum to the Red Baltiets platform (the duration of the trip is 15 minutes). A pedestrian passage to the locomotive depot "Podmoskovnaya". The depot was built in 1901 and still operates. Recently it was restored. Here you can see the turning locomotive circle, the fan stalls of steam locomotives, the water tower, the hydroelectric column, the replica of the Cherepanovs locomotive, the E series locomotive in a section. In the program - visiting museum expositions. Departure of the retro-train back to the Riga railway station (duration of the trip is 15 minutes). Arrival of the retro train to the Riga railway station.


Collection of the group at the entrance to the exhibition complex of JSC Russian Railways 09:00 11:45
The beginning of the excursion 09:15 12:00
Departure of the retro-train to the platform Red Baltiets 10:22 13:10
Departure of the retro train to Riga railway station 12:19 14:35
Type: Small Group Tours
Duration: 3 hours
Departure time: 09:00 AM

Important info

Price includes
  • a trip on a retro-train from Riga railway station to Krasny Baltiets station (locomotive depot) and back;
  • excursion service in the train;
  • entrance tickets to museums according to the program;
  • guide services

Sights included in program

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