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Journey into the Heart of the Russian National Dance & Music World in Moscow (2 hours)

Do you want to extend one of your days in Moscow with an exciting evening experience? Then this is definitely for you! Experience the unforgettable evening by visiting the unique show “Golden Ring”, which is represented by the “Golden Ring” National Theatre of Folk Music and Song. You will see the diversity of Russian traditions and cultures from the ancient pagan times onwards. It’s not just a performance, it’s an exciting, fantastical journey through time and space, exploring the vast reaches of an immense country and its history. A Russian national show could be a perfect end to your exciting day in Moscow. Relax and enjoy the colourful performance!

Russian national folk dances is a professional show with the national music where you can get in acquaintance with history, traditions and customs of multinational Russia from old times until the XXth century. You will be able to see some dances linked with times of Russian people Christianization, tsar’s time, the Soviet Union showing Russian people’s life in the North, South, Caucasus and central Russia.

The powerful, sad sound of a hurdy-gurdy, that magnificent, ancient and absolutely cosmic musical instrument, as if it is spinning the wheel of history takes you to the heart of Orthodox Russia. The wistful ring of a bell goes deep into the soul, the rhythmic thud of the shepherd’s drum grips our heart. Accordions with bells, flutes, ocarinas, gusli, ratchets, tambourines, chopping and washing boards, scythes and other ancient folk musical instruments have been made especially for this show by master craftsmen. All these instruments, like precious pearls strung on the thread of the life of a great country, immerse the viewer in a special and unique world that evokes bright and diverse feelings and emotions.

“Kalinka-Malinka” and “Podmoskovnye Vechera” have long become images of Russia, an embodiment of the unique spirit of its people. Paganini played on the balalaika always brings a burst of applause and enthusiastic cries of “Bravo!”. The Russian “round dance” is like life itself, a symbol of beauty and universal harmony, as girls, dressed in white and gold sarafans and kokoshnik headdresses, gracefully float across the stage.

The amazing, bright and colourful costumes created with the help of Nadezhda Kadysheva - National Artist of Russia, and her husband - Alexander Kostyuk, Honoured Artist of Russia, are sure to impress, with some 350 made especially for the show, each one a real work of art. Along with the magnificent decorations and live musical score, the bright video on huge screens and immersive 3D light effects make the show unique and unforgettable.

Against the background of restrained Northern costumes, the Pavlov-Posad shawls “burn bright”. As if by magic one flashes after another, in a whirl of red, yellow, blue and green. There are Dymkovo toys and "gzhel", some of the most famous Russian crafts, and you will see that famous ornamental teapot and its decorated cups start a fiery dance. The Kuban Cossacks and folklore are inseparable, their sword dance is one the most complex and dangerous performances with weapons. As a hurdy-gurdy plays, the wheel of history spins. Bridges between long-forgotten eras and present time appear one after another, connecting the amusement chamber of Ivan the Terrible with a boisterous fair with lively quadrilles, life-size puppets, skomorokh harlequins, bears and trampoline artists. Transfixed, the audience catches its breath, awed by the courage of the artists and their remarkable skill. An incredible energy fills the air, making hearts beat faster. Now the festive “round dance” starts! Dancers move between the rows, drawing in the audience, streaming back towards the stage…

“Golden Ring” Folk Theatre is a synthesis of folklore, vocals, dance, instrumental music, circus and high art. It is unique for the fact that artists from dance and music schools from all over the country have come together. In every sense, it is a calling-card for Russia herself.

The show consists of two parts (approximately 45 minutes each) and a 15-minutes break, when guests can have some fruits, canapes, ham, Russian style Salami, cheese, vodka, champagne, red wine, mineral water, juice, beverages (at own expence).  

Embrace your chance to feel yourself Russian in the vibrant city of Moscow!

Type: Theme Tour
Duration: 2 hours
Departure time: 07:30 PM

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The Golden Ring National Folk Music and Songs Theatre is located in the north of Moscow, near the Dmitrovskaya Metro Station, just fifteen minutes from downtown Moscow by metro. It was created by the founders of Zolotoye Koltso (Golden Ring), a popular Russian folk music ensemble whose principal soloist is Nadezhda Kadysheva. The theatre puts on performances by the ensemble itself as well as by famous Russian pop singers. Read more
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