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Novgorod - All Inclusive One-day Trip to Ancient Russia (11 hours)

Visit historic Novgorod Kremlin, amazing St. Sophia's Cathedral, the Church of the Saviour with its frescos by Theophanus the Greek, the Yuriev Monastery with St. George's Cathedral on this must-do Ancient Great Novgorod tour! This unforgettable full-day tour offers the perfect introduction to the city’s rich history. Russia's oldest city, Veliky Novgorod is a cradle of Russian democracy, medieval centre of trade and crafts. Hear tales of Russian tsars while exploring the Kremlin walls and ancient towers and enjoy wonderful dinner at a restaurant in old Russian style! Here it is hard and sometimes impossible to define where the city ends and the museum begins...

An unforgettable full-day ALL INCLUSIVE tour to one of Russia's most ancient cities, Great Novgorod. Situated on the ancient trade route between Central Asia and northern Europe, Novgorod was Russia's first capital in the 9th century.
Surrounded by churches and monasteries, it was a centre for Orthodox spirituality as well as Russian architecture. Its medieval monuments and frescoes illustrate the development of its remarkable architecture and cultural creativity. It takes us three hours by auto to get to this amazing city with all it's historical and architectural monuments. These include the Novgorod Kremlin and St. Sophia's Cathedral built in the eleventh century, the old market place on the bank of the river Volkhov, the Church of the Saviour with its frescos by Theophanus the Greek and the Yuriev Monastery with St. George's Cathedral.

You will have a wonderful dinner at the restaurant, located on the territory of the Novgorod Kremlin, with interior maintained in age-old Russian style. It is only here that you will be able to treat yourself to genuine medovukha, dishes and snacks cooked according to old Russian recipes. Novgorod Kremlin, St Sophia Cathedral, the Faceted Chamber, Yuriev Monastery will make history real.

Type: Private Tour
Duration: 11 hours
Departure time: 08:00 AM

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Price includes
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Private roundtrip transportation (Comfortable car/minivan with A/C)
  • Professional English-speaking guide assistance. Other languages upon request (additional charge may apply)
  • Entrance fees
  • Restaurant lunch
Not included
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities to guide/driver (optional)
Departure and Return
  • Departure time and location: 8:00 am; your hotel.
  • Return time and location: approximately 7:00 pm; your hotel.

Sights included in program

1/7th of the World : Russian Food
Russian Food is a collection of the different cooking traditions of the Russian people.  Read more
Veliky Novgorod is one of the oldest Russian cities, first mentioned in chronicles of 859. It is one of the centers of the formation of the Russian state, a city with ancient history, and the "father of Russian cities". It was a medieval trading republic, and a transit centre between Western Europe and Russia. Novgorod is notable not only for its historical value, and the remaining monuments from the times of old, but also for its unique culture.... Read more
The Church of the Transfiguration of the Saviour in Ilin Street is one of the oldest and most respected churches in the city of Veliky Novgorod. It was founded very long ago. According to legend, the holy Novgorod icon of Our Lady of the Sign, which protected Suzdal citizens in 1169, was kept in this Church. Read more
Veliky Novgorod (Novgorod-the-Great) : Millennium of Russia
The Millennium of Russia is a bronze monument in the Novgorod Kremlin. It was erected in 1862 to celebrate the millennium of Rurik's arrival to Novgorod, an event traditionally taken as a starting point of the history of Russian statehood. Read more
Veliky Novgorod (Novgorod-the-Great) : Novgorod Kremlin
Novgorod Kremlin (also Detinets) stands on the left bank of the Volkhov River in Veliky Novgorod about two miles north of where it empties out of Lake Ilmen. Read more
Veliky Novgorod (Novgorod-the-Great) : St. George's (Yuriev) Monastery
The St. George's (Yuriev) Monastery was the main monastery of medieval Novgorod the Great. It stands south of the city on the left bank of the Volkhov River near where it flows out of Lake Ilmen. According to legend, the monastery was founded in the eleventh century by Yaroslav the Wise, but the first historicall-reliable reference to it is from the early twelfth century when the main church the Church of St. George (Georgieveskii Church) was fou... Read more
Veliky Novgorod (Novgorod-the-Great) : St. Sophia Cathedral
The St Sophia's Cathedral was built between 1045- 1050 inside the Detinets. It is one of the earliest stone structures of northern Russia, a senior contemporary of Notre Dame in Paris, and the cathedrals of Rheims, Amiens, Bamberg and Naumburg. Its height is 38 m. Originally it was taller, for during the past nine centuries the lower part of the building became concealed by the two-metre thick cultural layer. Read more

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