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Splendid City of Petersburg and Mysterious Pearl of Valaam (hotel is not included)

Discover the elegant, treasure-packed city of St. Petersburg and its magnificent golden domes, pastel palaces and astonishing tsars' residences. The soul of modern Russia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Saint Petersburg is considered to be the most ‘European’ of all Russian cities. St Petersburg is Russia’s soul, renowned for its art, iconic architecture and incredible atmosphere. The highlight of the tour is 3-Day River Cruise to the fabulous Valaam and Kizhi islands, which represents the combination of church architecture open-air museum and astonishing natural park. Valaam – the Transfiguration of the Savior Valaam Monastery is a pearl of Lake Ladoga, a spiritual center of the Russian North. Kizhi is the world famous museum of wooden architecture, famous for elaborate wooden structures built without nails. Both of islands are known worldwide as unique and holy places.
Duration: 5 days

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Day 1: Saint-Petersburg - overview city tour

Meet your friendly private guide and leave your hotel to enjoy St. Petersburg, the most beautiful imperial city in Russia. Admire the golden dome of St Isaac’s Cathedral, explore the royal geometry of Palace Square, and visit the glorious Peter & Paul Fortress and the Cathedral, where the Romanovs are buried.

After lunch at the respected restaurant visit one of the richest museums of the world - the State Hermitage Museum. The enormous collection almost amounts to a comprehensive history of art from Ancient Egypt to early 20th century Europe. In 2-hours our knowledgeable expert-guide will show you all the great masterpieces of the world's art at a glance. Then return to the hotel.

Day 2: Peterhof - Russian Versailles

In the morning your guide will take you to one of St. Petersburg's most famous and popular visitor attractions, the amazing palace and park at Peterhof, which are often referred to as "the Russian Versaille". Hugging the Gulf of Finland, Peterhof is really gem of the environs of the city. There are about 150 incredible fountains including 4 cascades in the park. The Grand Cascade is the greatest fountain complex in the world. The ensemble of the Grand palace and parks of Peterhof is famous all over the world as unique "the fountain capital"! After exploring Peterhof, come back to your hotel.

Day 3: Saint-Petersburg

Meet your guide at the hotel and head inside the Savior on the Spilled Blood, amazing architectural landmark of central St. Petersburg, unique monument to Alexander II the Liberator. It features Russia’s largest collection of mosaics (over 7,000 sq.m.), Italian coloured marbles, decorative stones from the Urals and Altai region, as well as a fabulous collection of Russian heraldic mosaics.

Then enjoy the unforgettable river cruise to the heart of the imperial city. Boat Trip "Rivers & Canals", definitely one of must-to-do’s in St. Petersburg! The boat tour introduces you to the history and architecture of palaces and parks on the banks of the Neva and the canals, that belonged to Russian monarchs and St. Petersburg elite of 18th-20th centuries. At 9 PM you have a boarding on the cruise ship for the next fabulous journey.

Day 4: Cruise to Valaam Island

During this one-day cruise discover the secrets of the oldest monastery in Russia - the rocky Valaam Island, situated in the northern part of Lake Ladoga, the biggest lake in Europe. It is a sacred place like no other. The island boasts a fabulous Orthodox monastery, founded in the fourteenth century. Rigorous beauty of Valaam nature with its mighty coniferous forests, rocky shore, numerous of picturesque bays, and monuments of church architecture will make an unforgettable impression on you. We introduce two beautiful walking excursions "Valaam Cloisters" and "Transfiguration Monastery". After exploring Valaam Island, learning all about its culture, history and architecture, return to your cruise ship for the journey back to St. Petersburg.

Day 5: St. Petersburg
In the morning arrival to St.Petersburg and transfer to the hotel.

What's included

    St. Petersburg:
  • 5 excursions (4 by car or mini-van, 1 by boat);
  • 1 lunch on the 1st day;
  • Transportation by car or mini-van: 1st day 3 hours, 2nd day - 5 hours, 3rd day - 3 hours;
  • Transfer: hotel - river port - hotel;
  • Guide assistance: during all the tour activities;
  • Entrance fees: all the visits according to the tour itinerary.
  • 2 nights cabin accommodation aboard the M.S 'Holy Russia': Superior Single Cabin (private bathroom, large picture window, TV);
  • Full board;
  • 2 excursions on foot on Valaam Island;
  • Guide assistance: during all the tour activities;
  • Entrance fees: all the visits according to the tour itinerary.


Russian visa support (Russian visa invitation letter) is included.

Sights included in program

Saint Petersburg : Hermitage Museum
The Hermitage Museum is the world culture encyclopaedia written in Russian. It is a unique museum that combines a beautiful art collection with the memory of Russian national history. This is a museum of culture, a museum of art, a museum of Russian history, and also the museum of Russian architecture. The whole Hermitage is where the heritages of different nations were collected and displayed. It is one of the largest and oldest museums in the w... Read more
Saint Petersburg : Peterhof
A symbol of St. Petersburg, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an absolute must-see for tourists - Peterhof, also known as "the capital of fountains", is reason enough to go to Russia and admire its unique fountains and palaces. The palace and park at Peterhof (also known as Petrodvorets) are often referred to as "the Russian Versaille", although many visitors conclude that the comparison does a disservice to the grandeur and scope of this majestic... Read more
Saint Petersburg : St. Isaac Cathedral
St. Isaac's Cathedral is a colossal domed cathedral built in the nineteenth century. Its monumental and majestic image creates a unique accent in the city’s skyline and serves as much a landmark of the northern capital, as the spire of the Cathedral in the Peter and Paul Fortress and a gold ship atop of the Admiralty. It is originally the city's main church, one of the most impressive landmarks of the Russian Imperial capital. St. Isaac&rsq... Read more
Saint Petersburg : Peter and Paul Fortress
Located on the banks of the beautiful Neva River, the towering Peter and Paul Fortress dominates the skyline of St Petersburg. Built in 18th century, this amazing fortress is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in the city's rich history. The oldest building in St Petersburg, the grandiose Peter and Paul Fortress is the perfect destination for culture seekers and history buffs. Planned by Peter the Great as a defense against possible atta... Read more
Saint Petersburg : Savior on Blood
The Cathedral of Our Savior on the Spilt Blood is a unique masterpiece combining the old Russian style of architecture, talent of the best Russian artists and Italian stone carvers, and the art of Roman mosaic. Mosaics cover almost all the surface of the walls and ceilings there are 7 500 square meters of mosaics all in all. It is a unique example of a Russian style cathedral in the centre of St. Petersburg. Its coloured onion domes are so famous... Read more
Saint Petersburg : Canal Cruise
St. Petersburg is also called “the Venice of the North”, and that is why your tour also includes a cruise on the River Neva and the picturesque downtown canals by small open-air boat. Read more
Saint Petersburg : Palace Square
Palace Square, one of the most famous squares in the world, serves as an excellent example of how different architectural styles can be combined in a most elaborate and aesthetically pleasing way. This amazing Square, connecting Nevsky Prospekt with Palace Bridge leading to Vasilievsky Island, is the central city square of St Petersburg and of the former Russian Empire. It was the setting of many events of worldwide significance. The architectura... Read more
Karelia : Valaam Island
Valaam is the largest island of Valaam Archipelago including 50 islands. Read more

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