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Tour of Tamchinsky Datsan monastery (10 hours)

Tamchinsky (Gusinoozersky) Datsan is located 70 miles from Ulan Ude. It is one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in Russia, the third oldest in Buryatia.

In 1741 the temple was set in a big yurt. Tamchinsky Datsan has become the first Buddhist monastery in Buryatiya and had been the mother ship of Russian Buddhism for two centuries. By the year 1848 the complex consisted of 17 temples. The main 3-storey temple was built in 1858-1870. From 1809 till 1927 Tamchinsky Datsan was the main Buddhist temple in Buryatia (Buryat-Mongolia at the time). 500 lamas lived in the monastery and 400 more came for prayer services. In 1957 the restoration crews started working on the Tamchinsky complex and in 1990 two temples were consecrated and opened to the public.

For centuries, Tamchinsky Datsan was one of the centers of religion studies and Buddhist philosophy. The pride of the Datsan was its own school of painting.

Except for the fact, the history of this place is interesting in itself; it is also interesting to get to know that it’s an accurate reflection of the history of the country as well as the history of the region.

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The discoverer of the Gusinoozero datsan was the Mongolian Lubsan Zhinboy Akhaldayev, who arrived in Transbaikalia from Mongolia. The monk placed a yurt on the shore of the Goose Lake near the mountain Tsokto Khongor and named it datsanom. A year later, in place of the hut stood a wooden building. Over time, Zhinboy found like-minded people who contributed to the opening of the whole temple of stone. Read more
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