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Great State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1971), Moscow

You think we decided to change the plot of this story? 

And that’s not guessed! Those of you, who know the immortal tale of Andersen, will meet with their favorite characters. Again and again you will be worrying about the kids, who once lived in the cute northern country, where the houses look like fairy, the real roses grow in a small apartment under the roof and in winter, when the fluffy snow falls and snowflakes, like stars, whirl in the white waltz, was so well to play outside with friends. Again, a boy named Kai gets to the Snow Queen and will remain there enchanted by the cold unearthly beauty. And his sworn sister named Gerda, unwilling to leave him in the hands of the evil forces, hits the road full of dangerous adventures to save him. But the real, selfless friendship knows no barriers. That is why she will be able to overcome all difficulties on the way to her beloved Kai. Or, almost all? 

Do you think we cannot surprise you with this story? 

Again, that’s not guessed! Because our story will be told by an amazing language—the language of the circus. This language has no words, but there is breathtaking tricks, beautiful music, stunning costumes, great dances, a unique changeable ring and a lot of magic! You will see the fearless aerial gymnasts and acrobats, animal trainers, jockeys and funny clowns. Moreover, of course, you will enjoy smart and agile four-legged artists: white and brown bears, horses, dogs and monkeys. Who just cannot be found on the way to the Snow Queen! 

See the most winter, the most beautiful, and the kindness story in the ring of the Great Moscow State Circus!

New Year circus performance "The Snow Queen" at Great State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1971) from 17 May 2019 to 06 Jun 2019  (7  events at Moscow)