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2019 | Wednesday
Great State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1971), Moscow
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Have you ever wondered where is the border of perfection? And does it exist at all? Circus art throughout its existence trying to find answers to these questions. Circus performers achieve excellence from your body, sharpen ideality of their movements, tricks, improve their skills in dealing with wild animals, compete with each other for the title of best in its genre.

But the discerning viewer, looking at these achievements every time wants to see something else, something more, beyond the limits of human possibilities. Perhaps that is why we often hear the phrase that there is no limit to perfection. Just because looking at what we did predecessors, people will always find an opportunity to do even better.

So we are moving in which direction? What will be the art of perfection in the near future? The world-renowned team of the Great Moscow Circus under the direction of Brothers Zapashny presents his vision of a new generation of circus art of the 21st century. Immerse yourself in a new reality called "CIRCUS 2.0", where the boundaries of human capabilities expanded with the help of the latest technologies. This is a new VERsiya circus skills, where all the best, which have extra-professionals over the years of successful work became even better, even more perfect. Release your imagination in free flight, feel the attraction of the circus and become a particle of a new level of entertainment.

In a world where people pumped their virtual characters, we pumped a "CIRCUS 2.0" to VERSION 2.0 

Project Start September 24, 2016.





CIRCUS 2.0 (classical circus performance) at Great State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1971) from 09 Nov 2019 to 29 Nov 2019

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