Home Theaters Saint Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre - Mariinsky II 13 April 2019, 15:00 - Ilia Jivoy "SeasonS" ballet in two acts to the music of Max Richter
2019 | Saturday
Modern Ballet
Mariinsky Theatre - Mariinsky II, Saint Petersburg
Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes
World premiere: Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg, Russia, 19 June 2017

Music by Max Richter (based on the music by Antonio Vivaldi)
Choreographer and Set Designer: Ilya Zhivoi 
Costume Designer: Sofia Vartanian 
Design Technician: Alexei Tantsyrev
Lighting Designer: Konstantin Binkin

The performance has two intervals

Age category 6+


The Four Seasons is Ilya Zhivoi’s first full-length ballet. Ilya Zhivoi, a dancer with the Mariinsky Theatre and a regular participant of the Creative Workshop of Young Choreographers at the ballet festival Mariinsky, has been annually presenting new productions on his home stage since 2013. For the last season’s Creative Workshop, Zhivoi prepared a one-act SeasonS to music by Max Richter (featured on his album Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi – The Four Seasons). The music of the contemporary British composer Max Richter represents a 21st century interpretation of Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece. Richter kept the shapes, the textures and dynamics of the Vivaldi’s cycle, but in his interpretation the instrumental music of the Baroque hit meets electronic sounds. The Spring and Summer parts of the composer’s album were the basis for the  premiere of SeasonS (2016). Continuing his choreographic exploration of Max Richter’s music, Ilya Zhivoi will present his two-act ballet at the Stars of the White Nights Festival–2017.

Ilia Jivoy "SeasonS" ballet in two acts to the music of Max Richter at Mariinsky Theatre - Mariinsky II on other dates

Dancer: Maxim Zyuzin