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Ural Stones And Minerals

This tour is appealing to those who have a keen interest on geology and natural history.

The unique Ice Cave, that is located on the right bank of Sylva river, 280 km from Ekaterinburg, at the environs of Kungur city, is a natural monument of All-Russian significance, an outstanding karst object, the largest gypseous cave in the Urals and the 6th longest in the world (5600m). 

Also the 2nd largest and most significant among Russia`s museums specializing in Ural mining and mineralogy is at your disposal. Just note that first expeditions to the Ural region reported it to be a “Paradise of Natural Resources”, as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, various minerals, precious and semi-precious stones, coal, gas along with forests and rivers were found there in astonishing quantities. 

Since throughout 3 centuries The Ural region has been the center of precious, semi-precious and decorative stones of all kinds, colors and qualities, it undoubtedly holds dominant positions in sophisticated and exquisite art of jewelry. We can assert that Ural jewelers has been truly acknowledged trendsetters in Russian Art of Jewelry and Decorative Art. 

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Duration: 4 days

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There are 60 lakes with amazingly pure water and 20 grottos that will usher you into the subterranean kingdom of stalagmites and stalactites. You`ll witness the stark music of ice and stone, grandiosity and cosmic silence. After meeting in Ekaterinburg you depart with a bilingual guide in a comfortable vehicle. In Kungur you goto a panoramic excursion of the old town. After there is lunch time and you can rest for a while. You proceed to thrilling 1,5 km tour into the depths of Earth through captivating grottos, lakes and narrow ice cave tunnels. (transport, guiding, ticket to the cave, the museum, lunch are included)


You are welcome to enjoy all the beauties of minerals which could be found in the Ural’s nature. The collection was exhibited in Germany, USA, Great Britain and Greece. The museum also exhibits beautiful cutting works of the Ural’s stones. Souvenir shop is available here.(guiding, tickets, 3 hours) 
Where to: you’ll go to the fascinating State Stone-Cutting and Jeweller’s Art History Museum, which is visited by 110000 people annually an exhibits unique expositions of gold and silver ware, of malachite, of past and modern jeweler’s art. Also you’ll attend first private Museum of Stone and see astonishing collection of over 10000 samples mineral, crystal and precious stone wares. Souvenir shop is available here. (guiding, 3 hours, tickets)


You will travel to a beautiful quiet place not far from Chelyabinsk (Ural city), the Ilmen Mountains. The Ilmens are 2300 million years old. 200 years ago first researches began there. The Ilmens became a real Mecca for scientists and mineral enthusiasts worldwide due to mineral riches. You will visit unique Natural Science Museum of the Ilmensky Reserve. A picnic on the lakeside will be a good close of the tour. (transport, guiding, ticket to the cave, the museum, lunch are included, 8 hours)

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1/7th of the World : Yekaterinburg
Yekaterinburg is a beautiful and well developed city with many fabulous historical buildings in classicism style, with one of the world's biggest collection of constructivist architecture buildings and with several modern high-techs skyscrapers. It is situated in the central part of Russia, on the eastern slopes of the amazing Ural mountains and almost on the border between Europe and Asia. Yekaterinburg was founded in 1723 and named i... Read more
It is a unique monument of nature. Also, it is the finalist of the All-Russian competition “Seven Wonders of Russia”. The Kungur Ice Cave is a symbol of Kungur city and a peculiar calling card of the Perm Region. It is situated on the north-eastern outskirts of the Kungur city, on the right bank of the Sylva River.  Read more
Yekaterinburg : Ilmen Mountains
Ilmen Mountains - a group of mountain ranges in the southern Urals, in the Chelyabinsk region, near the town of Miass. The highest point of the mountain - Mount Ilmentau, the height of its 753 meters, the next highest mountain has a height Ishkulov 660 meters.Ilmen mountains are very picturesque - they are covered with forests of pine, larch, birch, they are a lot of meadows, marshes. With Zaporozhye mountains to the east it borders the forest an... Read more
The Ural Geological Museum is rather young in comparison with other big Russian and foreign museums with a century-old history. It was founded in 1937 as an exhibition of mineral-ore treasures organized to the 17th session of International Geological Congress. In 1938 the exhibition was transferred to the Ural Geological Institute. Read more
The art of gems and metal processing and by Ural masters has been known for more than 300 years. Items made by local craftsmen were delivered to the imperial family palaces, to noble houses, and were sent abroad as valuable gifts. In 1992, in Yekaterinburg a Museum of Stone-cutting and Jewelry Art History was opened, the exposition of which represents a centuries-old culture of mining and processing of stones and metal in the Urals. The Museum ... Read more
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