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Sightseeing city tour «Hero-city Volgograd» (4 hours)

The tour “Hero-city Volgograd” will take you to the most memorable sights devoted to the World War II.

Your personal tour guide will help you to build up a complete picture of the events that took place in the city during the war and your personal driver will help you to enjoy this day even more.  

During the tour, you will see Mamayev Kurgan famous for its memorial complex and a striking in its size statue of the Motherland. Many architects call the statue the symbol of freedom. Except for thisб Mamayev Kurgan has become a burial place for more than 35,000 defenders of Stalingrad.

The next stop is the Square of Fallen Fighters that has become a place of fierce fights in 1942-1943 and is a witness of the victory of the Battle of Stalingrad when 23 German generals and a generalfeldmarschall Paulus were captured only few steps away from the square. Here you will also see the Eternal Flame, the tree survived the battle, memorial of 3 heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad as a symbol of courage and loyalty.

Having enjoyed all the views and histories about this place, you will then visit the Central Embankment of 62nd Army extending from Mamayev Kurgan to the Central River Port. From here you will be able to get to the Square of Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Russian communist party, and to see the memorial.

One more site is a 4-storey apartment building in the center of Volgograd. In this building a group of Soviet defenders under the command of senior sergeant Y.F. Pavlov and Senior Lieutenant I.F. Afanasyev were under siege for a period of 58 days. Next to this building, there was one more which was also under siege but was destroyed. Today this place is known as Pavlov's House. 

Also during the tour you will visit the Alley of Heroes, zero kilometer where all Volgograd roads start, post number one, ruins of the mill, Mira street - the symbol of a reborn city, All Saints Church that was opened in the year of 60th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War. 

The tour will finish as soon as the guide and the driver will accompany you to your hotel.

Type: Private Tour
Duration: 4 hours

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Sights included in program

Volga River : Volgograd
Tsaritsyn - Stalingrad – Volgograd is a great complex object of cultural and natural heritage. In Volgograd there are a lot of objects of archeological and historical heritage (historical memorials) of pre-revolution period of Tsaritsyn development. Volgograd is a picturesque city with a rich history. It is the largest historical and cultural center of the Lower Volga Region. Present-day Volgograd is one of the most beautiful cities in Russ... Read more
On both sides of this Heroes alley are the names of all "Heroes of the Soviet Union and recipients of all 3 classes of the Order of Glory from Volgograd" and "Heroes of the Soviet Union who were awarded with this title for heroic deeds during the battle of Stalingrad." Read more
Volgograd : Cenral River port
The River Port was built in 1980, much later than the main Embankment ensemble. Today it is Europe’s largest riverboat terminal (length 296 m/917 ft, width 36 m/111 ft and height 47 m/146 ft), catering for river traffic including cruise ships and cargo boats. Read more
The central part of Volgograd extends for tens of kilometers along the Volga, from Mamayev Kurgan to the riverside station, however, only about 3 kilometers of the embankment have been landscaped, a stretch from the Square of the Fallen Fighters and the Alley of Heroes, the one defended by the 62nd Army, to the Museum of the Battle of Stalingrad. The embankment bears the name «62nd Army». The embankment opposite the Alley of Heroes i... Read more
Volgograd : Eternal Flame
In the center of the hall of Military Glory is the Eternal Flame on Mamayev Hill. This is a 5-meter image of the hand, made of white marble. The hand grasps the torch with the words inscribed on it: "Glory, glory, glory." Read more
The hall of military glory is a building in the form of a cylinder with a height of 13.5 m and a diameter of 42 m. It is open to visitors at any time of the day, there are no doors and windows - only holes in the walls. First of all visitors enter the gallery, in the depth of which there is a mosaic depicting the medal "For the Defense of Stalingrad" on the wall. Further, the so-called tunnel leads directly to the hall of the oval form. In its ce... Read more
The Battle of Stalingrad (23 August 1942 – 2 February 1943) was the largest confrontation of World War II, in which Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) in Southern Russia. Marked by fierce close quarters combat and direct assaults on civilians in air raids, it was the largest (nearly 2.2 million person... Read more
Volgograd : Mamayev Hill
Mamaev Hill is the biggest memorial complex dedicated to the victory of the Soviet soldiers in the Second World War. Located at the height 102, it was the main element in the defense of Stalingrad Front and became the key position in the fight for the Volga banks. Its central monument is the well-known “Motherland is calling!”, which is one of the seven wonders of Russia. It is undoubtedly a symbol and architectural landmark of ... Read more
The sculpture "Standing To Death" is a monument of the defending warrior, whose collective image has the external features of Marshal VI Chuikov, commander of the 62nd Army. This sculpture is located in Volgograd on Mamayev Hill. The square on which the monument is located symbolizes the most difficult moments of the Battle of Stalingrad. Read more
Monument to Civilian Casualties of Battle of Stalingrad in Volgograd, Russia. The monument by sculptor Nadezhda Pavlovskaya and architect Valentin Kalinichenko was unveiled on May 9, 1995. Read more
Sculptural group erected in 1973 on the draft AE Krivolapova and VP Kalinichenko. The monument is dedicated to the memory komsomoltsev - the defenders of Stalingrad.  Read more
There are several monuments to Lenin located in Volgograd, which is not surprising considering that the city was rebuilt in the Soviet-style after the Second World War. The main statue within the centre of the city is located on Ploschad Lenina (Lenin Square) on Prospekt Lenina (Lenin Prospect). Behind the statue is the memorial arch which surrounds Pavlov’s House. Read more
Volgograd : Pavlov's House
Pavlov's House is probably one of the most famous buildings in Volgograd. In Russian it is a symbol of heroism and bravery while the rest of the World probably recognizes by one of scenarios in a computer game Call of Duty. Occasionally Gerharts Mill is mistakenly called Pavlov's House due to overall similarity. However Pavlov's House was later reconstructed, while Gerharts Mill was left in its original state of disrepair following heav... Read more
Fierce battles were fought on the square of the fallen fighters in the Battle of Stalingrad. Miraculously survived by people, miraculously escaped poplar, which to this day stands in the square of the central square of the city, next to the Eternal Flame and the grave of three international heroes.The trunk of the tree that passed through the war was shattered by fragments and beaten with bullets. But the poplar stands, reminding us of the Battle... Read more
Volgograd : Ruins of the mill
The Gergardt mill is one of the symbols of Volgograd and the Battle of Stalingrad. One of the thousands of buildings destroyed in the days of the battle, it was left untouched as a monument, as a clear indication of what was Stalingrad in 1943. And today she makes a strong impression on everyone who sees her for the first time. Read more
The building of Volgograd Postoffice was constructed in 1955. Nearby there is a hotel “Intourist”, built in a classical style in 1958. It is a monument of architecture. Opposite it one can see a hotel “Volgograd” built in 1890 by a merchant Voronin. It was called “Capital rooms” and was on 3 floors. During the war it was ruined and then newly rebuilt in 1955. Opposite the hotel ”Inturist” Drama Thea... Read more
Volgograd : Street of Chuikov
An integral part of the old Tsaritsyn Fortress, the residence of Peter the Great, and the foremost line of defense of the 62nd Army during the battle for the Volga. This can all be found on Marshal Chuikov Street, the favorite place for Volgograd residents to take a stroll. Read more
Lenin Square - an area in the Central District of Volgograd Read more
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