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Yakutsk + Lena Pillars + Oymyakon

Travel to the World’s Coldest Inhabited Place.

Oymyakon is the coldest residential place in the world, located in the eastern part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Experience Russian holidays in a soft adventure tour in cold Siberian weather.

Route: Yakutsk – Lena  Pillars – Khandyga – Kyubyume – Oymyakon – Khandyga – Yakutsk.

Round travel distance: ~2000 km with all short rides within settlements.

Tour type: soft adventure, road trip.

The tour starts and ends in Yakutsk, capital of Repiblic of Sakha-Yakutia.


  • transfers from/to Yakutsk Airport
  • 5-hr city sightseeingin Yakutsk
  • day trip to Lena Pillars Nature Park
  • 5-day trip Yakutsk to Oymyakon
Type: Small Group Tours
Duration: 8 days

Itinerary Hide all details

Day 1: Arrival in Yakutsk

Arrival in Yakutsk in the morning. 

Transfer to hotel. 

Free time.

5-hrcity sightseeing & extra warm clothes shoppingfrom 14:00 to 19:00. W/ a guide andon transport. W/ entry tickets.

Free time in the evening.

Day 2: Day Trip to Lena Pillars Nature Park

We start our one-day winter journey at 08:00 and end at 20:00/21:00.

Drive the road Yakutsk –Batamai village for 3.5-4 hrs one way. The road goes along the Lena River south off Yakutsk. We pass Pokrovsk town, settlements of Bulgunnyakhtah, Elanka, and Tumul. We’ll have stop at the Stone Pillars of Elanka, where we will have the exclusive excursion to ancient caves and rock paintings.

From Batamai, we cross the Lena River to Lena Pillars by a snowmobilewith a passenger sledge. We stay at Lena Pillars for 2 hours.

Temperature might be as low as minus -30C and -45C.

Day 3: Driving from Yakutsk to Khandyga

Drive distance: 432 km (according to our GPS track), 10 hours w/ meal & photo stops.Overnight in the private “Angara” apartment-based hotel in Khandyga.

We start our journey from hotel at 09:00 am. 

This day’s activity:

Crossing the Lena River on the ice road. Stop for the group photo.
Stop on the opposite bank of the Lena River to overlook the river landscape with Yakutsk in background.
See many traditional Sakha villages. Stops for photo shoots.
Stop onthe bank of the Aldan River.
Crossing the Aldan River.

Two stops at roadside cafes (meals are not included).

Day 4: Driving Khandyga – Kyubyume – Oymyakon

Distance ~514 km (according to our GPS track), ~12 hours w/ meal stops and photo shoots. Accommodation at family’s in Oymyakon.

We start journey at 08:00 am and arrive to Oymyakon late night.

We’ll do stops: 

Before approaching Verkhoyansk Mountains for lunch and photo shoot.
At the memorial with the big Cross on the rock dedicated to the victims of the Gulag system.
Chernyj Prizhim (literally it means the Black Narrow Pass with the highest bridge on the ridge).
Kyubyume Fuel Station with the “Cuba” road cafe and the tube where all adventurers attach their own expedition sticks.
Tomtor village for re-fuel at a gas station.
Two stops at roadside cafes (meals are not included).

Actually,we can do many stops. Dinner (included) and overnight at family’s in Oymyakon.

Day 5: Day in Oymyakon

Accommodation at family’s in Oymyakon.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner at family’s.


Breakfast at family’s (included).
Experiments with the cold in the family’s backyard.
Visit to the “The Pole of Cold” stella with meeting Chyskhaan, Keeper of the Cold, and receiving the Pole of Cold Certificate from his hands.
Lunch at family’s (included)–Walking around the village.
Ice fishing on the Indigirka River. You’ll see the traditional net fishing method and try to catch a fish with a rod yourself.
Dinner at family’s (included).
Sakha Culture Evening in the House of Archy.
Late evening tea at family’s (included).

Day 6: Driving from Oymyakon to Khandyga with a stop in Tomtor

Drive distance: ~514 km (according to our GPS track).

Overnight in the “Angara” private hotel in Khandyga.

On the way to Tomtor, we’ll do stop by to visit the farm of Yakutian horses, original Siberian breed (small and steady, and accustomed to live outdoor inthe extremely cold conditions). In Tomtor, we’ll go inside the ice tunnel (former food storage) with giant ice crystals on walls and ceiling and walk up on top of the hill to see the whole Oymyakon valley from above. When heading to Khandyga, we’ll see all the beauty of the nature landscape we missed when drove in darkness onthe way to Oymyakon the other day.

Two stops at roadside cafes en route (meals not included).

Arrival in Khandyga in the evening.

Day 7: Driving from Khandyga to Yakutsk

We arrive back to Yakutskby the evening. By 18:00/19:00.

Day 8: Departure Day

Transfer to Yakutsk Airport. Flight from Yakutsk.

What's included

  • Visa invitation/s
  • Transfer from airport to hotel on Day 1 and transfer from hotel to airport on Day 8
  • 1guide(group leader)for all tour days
  • Transport for 5 hours for city sightseeing and warm cloth shoppingon Day 1
  • Entry tickets to 2 (two) venues during city tour on Day 1
  • Day trip to Lena Pillars (transportsw/ driver, snowmobile w/ passenger sledge, entry tickets to Lena Pillars Nature Park, warm house, packed meals)
  • Transportsw/ driver for 5-day Oymyakon trip, including expenses on fuel, night parking in heated garagesen route
  • Accommodation in Khandyga (no breakfast)
  • Accommodation at family’s in Oymyakon (w/ breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Pole of Cold Certificates
  • Ice fishing (traditional) on the Indigirka River
  • Sakha Culture Evening in Oymyakon
  • Visit to Yakutian horse breeding farmin Oymyakon
  • Visit to Ice TunnelComplex in Tomtor
Not included in the price
  • Air fares to/from Yakutsk
  • Accommodation and food in Yakutsk
  • Meals at roadside cafes or other places during drives en route Yakutsk –Khandyga – Oymyakon and Oymyakon –Tomtor –Khandyga –Yakutsk(300-500 RUB/person per meal)
  • Other activities in Oymyakon such as snowmobile rides, visit to Yakutian cows farm, etc
  • Rental of warm clothes, i.e. jacket (parka), Russian valenki (felt boots), upper winter pants, underwear pants, hats, gloves
  • Entry ticket to public venues and museumsin Yakutsknot attended during the city tour on Day 1
  • Entertainment activities in Yakutsk such as dog sledding,snowmobile ride, etc
  • Personal travel insurance-Personal clothes & stuff
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips and gratitude
Additional info

Season: 20 Nov 2019 to 08 Apr 2020.



Russian visa support (Russian visa invitation letter) is included.

Sights included in program

Far East : Yakutia
Yakutia it is A country of permafrost, where temperature lowers below minus 60° in the most severe winters, and where the topsoil can get frozen up to a half of a meter. Read more
The village of Khandyga is one of the youngest regional centers of Yakutia. In 1939, at the mouth of the Hospital key, geologists placed the first tent on a new, uninhabited place - on the banks of the Aldan River and 18 km from the Khandygi River. Today, a small village divides in two the federal road "Kolyma", to which it owes its foundation. Read more
Yakutia : Lena Pillars
Lena Pillars Nature Park is in Central Yakutia, in the middle course of the river Lena. Read more
Yakutia : Oymyakon
Oymyakon is a small Yakut village, famous all over the world, which is considered the coldest inhabited place of the planet. This is truly an unusual place, which is becoming more popular with tourists from all over the world. Read more
The exhibition "Treasury of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)" provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique collection of nuggets of gold, platinum, silver, large natural diamonds, a fine collection of works by Yakut masters - jewelers, cutters, bone and stone carvers. Read more
P.A. Lazarev Mammoth Museum Laboratory is a specialized scientific and cultural institution, which conducts the study of mammoth, mammoth fauna, its natural environment in the ice age and spreads the scientific knowledge among people. Read more
The Old City is the most beautiful place in Yakutsk.“Old City” - historical and architectural quarter downtown with the houses of old Yakutsk. It located at the very center of Yakutsk and is bordered by the streets Ammosov, Arzhakov, and the Plaza of the Fallen. Read more
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