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Quarter "Old Town"

The Old City is the most beautiful place in Yakutsk.“Old City” - historical and architectural quarter downtown with the houses of old Yakutsk. It located at the very center of Yakutsk and is bordered by the streets Ammosov, Arzhakov, and the Plaza of the Fallen.

Here you'll find the restored Preobrazhenskaya Church, the founders monument, the memorial to fallen soldiers, a stone column dedicated to the 375th year anniversary of Yakutia joining the Russian Empire, and the M.K. Ammosov museum. Marketplace “Kruzhalo”, a building of Russian-Asian Bank, Gradoyakutskaya Transfiguration Church, a tower of old town founded by Pyotr Beketov and others.Most of the wooden houses are newly built copies of half destroyed, burnt, or dismantled ones. For example, a fortress tower - a masterpiece of Russian wooden architecture, a symbol of Yakutsk, depicted in Yakutsk coat of arms - for a long time has been on the territory of Yakut museum of local study (current Yaroslavsky United museum of history and culture of northern peoples).