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Welcome to Kamchatka - Day tour (8 hours)

This tour package is ideal for short term visitors (cruisers, round the world explorers, business people). Use every minute of your stay in Kamchatka to see the city, culture, folk art and to taste local cuisine.
  • Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (PKS) is a city of about 260,000 residents. It is the capital of the Kamchatka Region and the oldest port in the Russian Far East (RFE), originating from 1741 when Vitus Bering and Alexei Chirikov set sail on the 2nd Kamchatka Expedition resulting in their discovery of Alaska.
  • Pay tribute to Charles Clerke, a famous British explore and hero. He took the lead of the 3rd round-the-world expedition in 1779 after the death of his chief Mr. James Cook. Mr. Clerke was later awarded a monument by the British government in 1913. It was placed in PKS, where he died after a failed attempt to cross the Bering Strait. Salute the exploration spirit at the monument to Jean-Francois de la Perouse, a French explorer, whose ship was torn apart during his round-the-world voyage (1787) by a storm with only one crew member surviving out of 242.
  • Tour Kamchatka Regional Museum to get a good background on the natural history of the Peninsula. Exhibitions cover the prehistory and history, ethnography, flora and fauna of the Peninsula.
  • Experience Paratunka valley. "Par" means "steam" in Russian, and this valley is famous for its geothermal riches. A number of spas are located in the area where locals and visitors alike enjoy soaking in the natural hot mineral waters.


BASIC TOUR: 8 hrs, driving sightseeing tour + museum. Planning to meet at 8am. If weather is calm, drive up to a scenic outlook over Avacha Bay for an opportunity to take photographs of the city and port below. Then drive to the city's historic center, and stop to walk between monuments to Vitus Bering, Charles Clerk, Captain James Cook's First Mate. By 10am, drive to the Kamchatka Regional Museum followed by a short walk to the Artists' Gallery. After the gallery, drive through the city with a short stop at the public market. The amazing displays of Kamchatka's most precious natural resource -- smoked salmon, caviar, crab, shrimp, scallops all fresh from the waters around the Peninsula are sold here. Continue driving out of the city towards the Paratunka pools of thermal mineral waters (70km). During the drive enjoy majestic views of Koriyakskiy (3458 m), Avachinsky (2741 m), and Vilyuchinsky (2173 m) Volcanoes. Your driver will stop as you wish to let you take photographs. At Paratunka pools feel free to join locals for a short swim or bath. Closer to 1pm, we are ready for a lunch. Depending on your choice, we will take you to Mr. Sasha Yastripov's lunch with folk show, or local restaurant in the city. Closer to 4pm, the driver will take you back to either seaport/hotel/airport. 

NOTE: Cost of services not included in the basic tour, paid on the spot by travelers, per choice: Paratunka pools admission ($10 - $15); lunch at the local restaurant (on average $18-40 per meal with soup or salad, main course, tea/coffee and maybe 1 beer) 

Type: Small Group Tours
Duration: 8 hours
Departure time: 08:00 AM

Important info

Price includes

Basic Tour:

  • private vehicle + gasoline, 8 hours
  • personal driver, 8 hours
  • admission to 1 museum


Not included
  • Basic tour: meals/snacks/drinks for travelers or guide
  • Admission fees to Paratunka pools
  • Visa and Registration cost
  • Travel / Medical / Evacuation Insurance
Additional info
  • Be prepared to use an outdoor toilet
  • Bring: bathing suite, insect repellent, sun / rain gear
  • Make sure to book this tour at least 2 weeks prior arrival

Sights included in program

Kamchatka : Avacha Bay
One of the most beautiful and accessible harbours which can still hold the whole world fleet - the Avacha bay - is located at the Pacific coast of the peninsula of Kamchatka. Read more
Kamchatka : Avachinsky volcano
Avachinsky is one of the most active stratovolcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula.  Read more
Kamchatka : Karymsky volcano
Karymsky volcano is located in the central part of the Eastern volcanic belt of Kamchatka. It is a 1,536 meters height typical stratovolcano with a regular cone. Read more
The territory of Paratunka hot geothermal springs – is a health and resort zone of Kamchatka. Several health resorts and a great number of recreation bases function nowadays. Here you can relax and recover in hot thermal waters Read more
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a city and a sea port located in the Far East of Russia, the capital of Kamchatka krai. It is a base of the Russian Pacific Fleet. The population of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is about 181,000 (2015), the area - 362 sq. km. Read more
Far East : Kamchatka
Kamchatka (peninsula in the Far East of Russia) is a unique place, born of fire, like the Earth itself. Kamchatka has never been quiet - its history is one of continuous, violent rebirth. It is the most active area of our planet where volcanic activity manifests itself in all its beauty. The skyline is almost everywhere contoured with volcanoes. It is composed of more than 160 volcanoes, 29 of which are still active. In addition, there is a multi... Read more
Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky : Kamchatka Regional Unified Museum
You will get acquainted with the rich history of the peninsula, the customs of local people, the diversity of animal and plant life. Read more
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