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Paratunka recreation base

Paratunka is a small village in the Elizovo district of the Kamchatka Territory, which is of great importance for the resort and sanatorium zone of this region.

The village is rather tiny, but it does not prevent it from being the most popular balneo-mud resort in Kamchatka. The point is that this place is located in the area of ​​thermal springs, whose healing and health-improving properties can not be overestimated. The name Paratunka received much later than the date of its discovery and was named after the river of the same name: on its bank there was a village. Due to the geographical position of the object (it is surrounded by mountains on all sides) and the hot springs that come out of the bowels here, for its edges the microclimate In summer, the air temperature is + 15 ° C, and in winter the thermometer does not fall below -17 ° C. This helps a constant influx of holidaymakers at any time of the year, which, of course, has a beneficial effect on the development of this resort branch.