Avacha Bay

One of the most beautiful and accessible harbours which can still hold the whole world fleet - the Avacha bay - is located at the Pacific coast of the peninsula of Kamchatka.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is founded along the north coast of the bay. Along with the non-military port, the range of Russia naval fleet military bases is located there. On the opposite side of the bay the atomic submarine base is located. The Avacha bay is a perfect place for boat touring, fishing and diving.

The natural monument "Three Brothers" rock is located at the passage into the Avacha inlet, in the Shlyupochnaya bay. This is three above-water snouts of the rock platform (rampart) which safes the Avacha bay from the ocean waves as a natural breakwater pier. According to the legend, when the coastal settlement had only been founded, the powerful storm rushed on the bay. The waves were so high that they could wash the settlement off the face of the earth. Then the three brothers decided to protect the settlement; they came into the sea breast-deep and became an overwhelming wave barrier. The storm lasted for several days and nights, and the brothers froze and turned to stone; they became the rock statues, which still protect the bay, and now the port and the city, too, from the ocean waves. The "Three brothers" rocks are the same landmark of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky as the Kremlin in Moscow, or the Statue of Liberty in New-York. It is a required touring place during the boat tour.