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Stalingrad Battlefield Tour: Rossoshka cemetery and Soldiers' field memorial (4-5 hours)

Excursion to the memorial complexes "Soldier's Field" and "Rossoshka" - the main supply centres of the German 6th Army in Stalingrad. Perhaps today these are the most effective and untouched places after the Battle of Stalingrad, where you can literally touch the history of this great event.

The village of Rossoshka (Россошка) is about 20 miles northwest of the centre of Volgograd. It was destroyed in heavy fighting in late August 1942, when the 87th Rifle Division of the Soviet 62nd Army held up the advance of the German 35th Infantry Division for a week, and there were further fierce battles in January 1943.

Today here buried more than 20.000 Soviet/Russian, 2.000 Romanian and 65.000 German soldiers and officers have fallen in the fightings for Stalingrad, 1942-1943. During the tour to the village Rossoshka, you will learn about the fierce fightings here during August 1942 and January 1943. You will also learn the story of these memorials and annual search works of excavation volunteer teams. The tour includes a visit to the 3 memorial cemeteries and museum of excavations and searches works on the fields of Volgograd (former Stalingrad). On the way to memorials, you will enjoy the stories and the view of the local countryside and Stalingrad steppe.

«The soldiers' graves are the greatest preachers of peace» - Albert Schweitzer Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

In World War II a German cemetery was established here. After the conclusion of the war graves agreement in December 1992 the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgraberfursorge e, V, established a mass burial site for those soldiers who had been killed in action in the battles of Stalingrad - today Volgograd - in World War II. From 1994 to 1995 the Volksbund established this cemetery on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany in cooperation with the "Military memorial Sites". Association is responsible for the realization of the war graves agreement on behalf of the Russian Federation.

On 15th May 1999, the cemetery was opened to the public.

The first embeddings were carried out in 1993 until the end of 2005 more than 48 000 war victims had been recovered from the different grave in the territories of Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don. After the end of the works, more than 60 000 war casualties will find their rest here.

The names of the approximately 150 000 missing persons and those of the war victims who cannot be recovered any more are listed in alphabetic sequence on a block of natural stone.

The war victims of this cemetery are a reminder of Peace. 

During this tour, you will learn about the role of Gorodische small town during the Battle of Stalingrad and will visit the several memorials including the mass graves of Soviet soldiers and the area where still lie the remains of German soldiers and officers died in action in Stalingrad.
Tour to the outskirts of the city to Soldiers' Field Memorial with its touching story about the girl who never received her father's last letter from Stalingrad. The sight is also given a perfect view of the city defence line. The main composition of the memorial is a bronze sculpture of a girl, rushes to the common grave of Soviet soldiers, whose remains were found in a minefield. In the centre of the memorial - a funnel in the form of a five-pointed star, which rises from the bottom of "explosion" of cemented shells and shrapnel bombs, shells and mines. It is a symbol of the last explosion of the second world war.

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The tour to memorial complex "Soldier field" and "Rossoshka" may be combined with other 3-4 hour tours on the same day. Dates from April-November. Group tour can be arranged for small groups on terrain minivan.


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