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Along the northern route of The Silk Road

"Chuya Highway" is one of the most beautiful roads in the world (according to National Geographic). You will agree, as soon as you visit there.

From the 3rd millennium BC caravans have been going from Tibet and China to the Altai and Mongolia area. The road ran along the paths of animal migration.

Merchants transported Persian rugs, mirrors and jewellery there. This road became the Northern part of The Great Silk Road. Current name is “Chuya highway”. We will drive you along this road to the border of Mongolia and show you the most amazing places in Altai area.

Only one per cent of the beauty, you will see,is reflected on the pictures. It has spread along the entire length of Chuya highway. On each curve you’ll want to stop the car and take a picture.

Nature has endowed this corner of Siberia with countless big and little wonders: mountains, waterfalls, geyser and mountain crystal-clear lakes, turquoise-colored rivers, caves, pictures of ancient people, mountain crossings, from where marvelous landscapes show up- one’s look stretches the dozens of kilometers.

Our guide will tell you all the stories and legends for you to be able to understand and feel the character of the places you’ll visit.
In our opinion, this is one of the simplest and the most interesting road trip tours in Altai.

The tour is suitable for children and adults.

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Type: Small Group Tours
Duration: 6 days

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Day 1:

Gathering of the group at 8.00 in Biysk city, at 9.40 in the airport of Gorno-Altaisk city (if requested, we can meet you in the international airport of Novosibirsk). We will meet and transfer you to our campsite, located on the Katun river bench, next to Ust-Sema village. This is the day of meeting and preparation of the necessary hiking gear. Besides, there are different sights you can see close to the campsite.

Day 2:

We are setting off for Chuya highway. The first stop will be at Seminsky mountain crossing-the highest one in Gorny Altai. The real Altai starts right onwards. On this day we will show you Karakolsky valley (native Altaians believe, it is sacred; there are groups of Kurgan antique graves - one of Altai Mountains riddles), Bashadar burial mounds. After that, we will go up Chike-Taman mountain crossing. Although it isn’t as high as Seminsky mountain-crossing, the landscapes, revealed from there are much more impressive.

This day you will stay in a room of the campsite, located at the confluence of Bolshoy Yaloman and Katun rivers. We will view the suburbs. Confluences of powerful Siberian rivers are very picturesque. In lots of religions of the world they are considered to be places of energy flows’ accumulation. You will experience it yourself and feel all the power and force of the water nature.

Day 3:

This will be a very exciting day. We will see Ininsky stelae – the place of Chuya and Katun’s confluence (the big rivers of Altai Mountains). A lot of people think it’s the most beautiful place on Chuya highway, however few people know about its historical significance: there is the stele «the place of the first Turkokaganate’s formation».

Rapids are the places of cliffs and water power’s oppositions, which began hundreds of thousands years ago and still continue. The cliffs cut the water making it «boil», seethe, whirl, producing deathful swirls. Today we will show you Turbinny rapids, and the following days you’ll see some others, which will make a deep impression.

Then there will be an excursion to the ancient sanctuary of Kalbak-tash area. The pictures of an ancient human, who inhabited this part of Siberia thousands of years ago, remain unchanged there. Among these pictures there is a map of the starry arch and water lens, which was used as the first simplest telescope; the calendar, displaying the main light events of the year (the days of solstice etc.);the notion of the ancients about the world order – the diagram of the world, hell and paradise. 

If the weather is fine, the guide will make a decision about visiting the Bely Bom cave. In the end of the day you will see the old Chuya highway and Shirlak waterfall.There will be a stop at a campsite in the region of Kuekhtanar brook.

Day 4:

The program of the day will start with visiting Geyser lake, its surface is decorated with colorful moving circles. After that, there will be a transfer to Kurai heath and a panorama of the snowy peaks of the North-Chuya range (the most picturesque place, according to our guide).

If there is nice weather, we’ll have a radial walk to Kuekhtanar lakes (the distance of the trek is 2 kilometers one way). In the evening there will be a concert of Altai overtone singers. We’ll spend the night at the same campsite.

Day 5:

This day you’ll visit the unique Kyzyl Chin – colored mountains, which are rightly called Martian because of bright red and bright yellow and green loam, covering its sides, thereafter we’ll continue our journey to the river Maly Yaloman, which is Katun’s confluent. We will encamp right next to these rivers’ confluence.

Day 6:

On the last day of the journey we will go back along Chuya highway, making stops on the way. The most beautiful one will be near rapids Ilgumen. The annual competitions are held there – Russian rafting championship.

Moreover, we will demonstrate an unbelievably beautiful ravine of the river Ursul.

The conclusion of our tour will be in Biysk city. The approximate time of arrival is 19.00.

What's included

  • Transfer en-route from Biysk
  • Tour-guide services
  • Meals
  • Overtone singing concert
  • Accommodation
Additional info

The international flights arrive in Novosibirsk- the biggest city of Siberia. In case you arrive there, you will need to have one day before the tour and one day upon its completion for the transfer. Our staff members in Novosibirsk will meet you, arrange the excursions, order the meals and the accommodation for you. Biysk and Novosibirsk are cities, connected by a branch of Trans-Siberian railway. We can organize a transfer by train or by car to the starting endpoint of the tour.


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Sights included in program

Siberia : Altai
Altai is one of Siberia’s most valuable areas of historical and cultural heritage: over 5,000 monuments of archeology, architecture, history and culture are there.  Altai Republic contains the “Golden Mountains of Altai” UNESCO World Heritage Site, three federal protected areas, 120+ natural monuments, and a growing number of regional nature parks and reserves. Remote and wild river valleys, wind-blown steppe, and snow-cap... Read more
The Chike-Taman Pass is on the Chuyskiy Trakt. The altitude of the pass is 1460 meters, but due to its steepness its seems to be considerably higher. For those who drive through this pass for the first time it is really breathtaking, with all its steep rises, sharply winding roads, deep cliffs on both sides and astonishing mountain views! Photos do not convey even a hundredth part of your feeling when you move along the mountain serpentine. In th... Read more
Chuisky tract bears the proud title of the most beautiful Russian route, this is the main federal road of Altai. She winds along the valleys of seven rivers, between ten mountain ridges, crosses high-altitude steppes and passes. Read more
This rare in its origin and amazingly beautiful lake is located on the picturesque expanses of Altai Krai – in Ulagansky district, 7 km from the village Aktash. This is a Geyser lake, which is called Blue and Silver. The depth of the lake is about two meters, its diameter – 25-30 meters. Read more
Karakol valley is located in Onguday district of Altai Republic (618 km on Chuysky tract). Since 2001 is a reserved area and a part of the national park Uch-Enmek. In the park there is a sacred mountain Uch-Enmek. Translated from the Altai "uch" means "three" and "enmek" - the top of the mountain. Uch-Enmek has three peaks, the highest of which reaches a height of 2821 m. According to beliefs of the Altai people ordinary people c... Read more
Altai : Kurai Steppe
Kurai steppe intermountain basin is one of the most spectacular field of flow giant ripple in the world related with the floods from glacier lakes in ancient times. Giant ripples are well observed from the top near the Kurai Village where one can get by a car. Read more
Altai : Kyzyl-Chin
Kyzyl-Chin is a mountain with great colorful views located 10 km from Kosh-Agach, which is the centre of the district. Read more
The ancient sanctuary of Kalbak-Tash is only 30 km away from our complex. Translating from Altai language it’s meaning is “ flat stone”. The unique archaeological monument of the Altai Republic was hidden from people until the beginning of the 20th century. It remained unnoticed mostly because the old road was passing above the modern part of the Chuysk tract, and the rock paintings were situated lower, near the steep cliffs of... Read more
Travelling from Gorno-Altaisk (the starting point of our trips) to the Altai mountains, we have to go through two passes. Seminskiy pass is the highest pass (1894 m) on the Chuyskiy tract. For 9 km of getting up the steep road, you will be on the border between Northern and Central Altai. The old Altai name for the pass is “Dyal-Menku”. Larch and pine give place to cedar forest and juniper, alpine herbage including some endemic appear... Read more
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