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Karakol Valley

Karakol valley is located in Onguday district of Altai Republic (618 km on Chuysky tract).

Since 2001 is a reserved area and a part of the national park Uch-Enmek.

In the park there is a sacred mountain Uch-Enmek. Translated from the Altai "uch" means "three" and "enmek" - the top of the mountain. Uch-Enmek has three peaks, the highest of which reaches a height of 2821 m. According to beliefs of the Altai people ordinary people can’t reach Uch-Enmek mount. Previously, only shamans performing rituals of thanksgiving can get very close the foothills.
The park covers an area of 60551 hectares, the territory is divided into three functional areas: a fully reserved; specially protected (strictly controlled visit and cattle breeding are allowed), recreational (sightseeing, tourist activities and traditional housekeeping are allowed).

Among the Altai people Karakol valley is anciently considered to be a sacred valley. There are numerous groups of ancient burial mounds, which are one of the mysteries of the Altai Mountains. Here you can see traces of Afanasiev, Karakol, Scythian and Turkic culture. Rocks at the foot of the sacred mountains are dotted with cave paintings (petroglyphs). The population of this valley is of different kind of mentality and believes to be in a spiritual kinship with the nature of this valley. Materials of archaeological excavations are kept in several museums of Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Biysk, Moscow, St. Petersburg.

Tour around Karakol valley includes a visit to the sacred places. Temples and burial mounds of Tuekta, Bashadara, Boochi, Karakol, whare Afanasiev and Karakol people, Scythians and Turks put their temples and altars, buried their chiefs and priests.

The flora and fauna of the park is rich (squirrels, deer, mountain goats, lots of birds, snow leopard, black stork, golden eagle, grayling, trout; cedar, juniper, edelweiss, Kuril tea).

In the natural park accommodation of guests is possible in the ethno-village in wooden ail houses or in a comfortable hotel. You can also take part in folklore concerts, master classes on cooking ethnic cuisine and felt production.