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Chulyshman Valley Tour

We invite you to take part in an unforgettable journey far in wild mountains of Siberia.

This exciting jeep tour in Siberia allows you to see the most interesting and picturesque places of the Altai Mountains: Chulyshman valley of the river, stone mushrooms, waterfall Ucar, pass Katu-Yaryk, Ulagansky Highlands, Chuiski, Chike-Taman Pass Seminsky.

Get unforgettable emotions and connect with untouched nature!

Jeep Tour to the Valley Chulyshman – it’s adrenaline, relaxation, good company, amazing scenery. After the emotional days, we’ll enjoy a wonderful dinner cooked over a campfire. Smell of a campfire, singing a songs,  watching  the stars at unforgettable nights and good company would make a great holiday for 5 or 7 days far from civilization. Jeep tour in Siberia is the best case to visit Altay mountais!

Type: Small Group Tours
Duration: 5 days

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Day 1:

Meeting participants in Novosibirsk in the morning. Laying luggage and accommodation at cars. Moving along highway M-52 (“Chuiski”). Novosibirsk-Biysk-Mayma-Shabalino-village Topuchaya – Pass-Seminsky Ongudai-pass checks -Taman-Aktas.

Departure at 7.00 hours. Day at the road. Lunch.

Dinner. Overnight in warm homes.

Day 2:

Breakfast. A further movement on the route: Red Gate – Ulagan- Balyktuyul – pass Katu-Yaryk – the place of the confluence of two rivers Chulyshman and Chulcha – tract Akkurum (Ak-Korum) – where “stone mushrooms” could be found. Fishing in the ponds, recreation. Lunch.

Dinner. Overnight in tents / warm homes

Day 3:

Breakfast. Excursion to the largest cascading waterfall of Siberia – Uçar (Big Chulchinsky). Photosession. Dinner. Fishing in the ponds, leisure, sauna.

Dinner. Overnight in tents / warm homes.

Day 4:

Fishing in clear mountain lakes, vacation, moving through the pass Katu-Yaryk. Dinner. Further movement along the route: Balyktuyul – Ulagan – Aktas – Chibit.

Dinner. Overnight in warm homes.

Day 5:

Breakfast. End of the jeep tour in Siberia. Road back to Novosibirsk.

What's included

  • Transfer on the route and all road movement during the trip (according to the program)
  • Driver Services
  • Tour guide
  • Meals on the route of civilization is 5/7 days (camp fire equipment, food, cook service included) (breakfast + lunch + dinner)
  • Insurance
  • Trekking to Stone mushrooms
  • Tent Rent
  • Professional photographer and photo-reportage on the results ( at least 10 individual photos)
Not included in the price
  • Transfer from your city to Novosibirsk and back
  • Sauna (russian banja) on the bases
  • Food in the cafe
  • Alcohol
  • Various souvenirs
  • Optional excursions
  • Additional entertainment, not covered by the program
  • Rent a sleeping bag
  • Rent mat
  • Ferry across the Chulyshman river

Generally those additional expencies are around 150$.

Additional info

The route or timetable on the route can be corrected based on the weather conditions, the level of training group, other external factors. The decision to change the route is taken by the guides.


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Russian visa support (Russian visa invitation letter) is included.

Sights included in program

Siberia : Altai
Altai is one of Siberia’s most valuable areas of historical and cultural heritage: over 5,000 monuments of archeology, architecture, history and culture are there.  Altai Republic contains the “Golden Mountains of Altai” UNESCO World Heritage Site, three federal protected areas, 120+ natural monuments, and a growing number of regional nature parks and reserves. Remote and wild river valleys, wind-blown steppe, and snow-cap... Read more
Ak-Kurum is translated as “white scree” is on the right bank of Chulyshman River, a few hours away from confluence to Teletskoe Lake. Kurume is usually called a clusters of large boulders and rubble solid rock, formed as a result of weathering on slopes and at feet. A characteristic feature of Kurume is its slow moving down the slope.   Read more
The Chike-Taman Pass is on the Chuyskiy Trakt. The altitude of the pass is 1460 meters, but due to its steepness its seems to be considerably higher. For those who drive through this pass for the first time it is really breathtaking, with all its steep rises, sharply winding roads, deep cliffs on both sides and astonishing mountain views! Photos do not convey even a hundredth part of your feeling when you move along the mountain serpentine. In th... Read more
River Chulyshman Valley - The Wind Land The valley of the Chulyshman river is represented by a big canyon with more than 130 km length. There are only two ways to reach it – the first is aquatically through Teletsky Lake and the second is the overland way by a car through Katu-Jaryk pass.  The cleanest Chulyshman river begins at the glacial lake Dzhulukulja, on the way incorporating with smaller rivers and streams from numerous falls... Read more
Chuisky tract bears the proud title of the most beautiful Russian route, this is the main federal road of Altai. She winds along the valleys of seven rivers, between ten mountain ridges, crosses high-altitude steppes and passes. Read more
Katu-Yaryk means “Frasture in rock, cramped gorge” in Altai. Katu-Yaryk pass was built in Oct 1989 by three buldozer drivers Akradii Abramovich, his son Anatolii and nephew Viktor Uhanov. The pass and road Balyktuyul – Balykcha was completed after 2 years by initiation “Soviet Altai» state farm director Sanaa Arsentii Viktorovich. Locals used boats and horse trails to get south Teletskoe and Chulyshman Valley before... Read more
Road Aktas Aktas-Ust-Ulagan lied in 15 km from Aktash Village crosses Chibitka River and runs between high cliffs with pronounced reddish hue. This place is called «Red Gate» one of the natural monuments of Altai. Read more
Travelling from Gorno-Altaisk (the starting point of our trips) to the Altai mountains, we have to go through two passes. Seminskiy pass is the highest pass (1894 m) on the Chuyskiy tract. For 9 km of getting up the steep road, you will be on the border between Northern and Central Altai. The old Altai name for the pass is “Dyal-Menku”. Larch and pine give place to cedar forest and juniper, alpine herbage including some endemic appear... Read more
Cascade waterfall Uchar (Chulchinsky Great Falls) is the largest in the Altai Mountains. It is located on Chulcha River, right tributary of Chulyshman, in 11-12 kilometers from confluence to Chulyshman. Height of stream fall is about 160 meters. Read more
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