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Katu-Yaryk pass

Katu-Yaryk means “Frasture in rock, cramped gorge” in Altai.

Katu-Yaryk pass was built in Oct 1989 by three buldozer drivers Akradii Abramovich, his son Anatolii and nephew Viktor Uhanov. The pass and road Balyktuyul – Balykcha was completed after 2 years by initiation “Soviet Altai» state farm director Sanaa Arsentii Viktorovich. Locals used boats and horse trails to get south Teletskoe and Chulyshman Valley before.

Pass opened new opportunity for local population and for tourists having got a chance enter this place, magical, preserved untouched nature, inaccessible before. Tribe lands of Telengits - one of the most militant of Altai tribes, whose descendants have kept the harsh features of their ancestors. They live in the valley and gradually, steadily affect to more friendly communication towards strangers. Every year the tourist infrastructure of the Katu-Yaryk become more developed. Service on the territory of camp sites guarantees safety of transport and property during travelling, hospitality of camps residents ensures neutrality from local population side.