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Trekking the Altai Mountains

Our trek lies entirely in Russia, in the autonomous region called "Altai." The region is inhabited by both Russians and the local Altaians, the latter of Mongoloid origin and Buddhist by their confession.

The Altai Mountain system covers a vast region located in four different countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia. The highest part, called the High or Central Altai, is in the Russian territory and reaches 4506m at Mt. Belukha, the highest point of Siberia. Much of this region is glaciated. In summer, the Altai, with its cold, high plateaus, high ranges with permanent snow and deep, moist, forested valleys, stand out as a cool island among the hot steppe plains. 


  • "Free" your mind. Gain physical and spiritual strenght.
  • "Fly" your soul over pristine Altai mountains.
  • "Blind" yourself with unbelievable views of glaciers & lakes.
  • "Swim" in alpine meadows made of rare flowers & herbs.
  • Visit museum dedicated to Rerich in the village Uimon.
  • Explore Altai caves full of enigma, charm and mystery.
  • See ancient rock drawings in the sacred Karakol valley.
  • Experience culture and food of local Altaians. 
Type: Small Group Tours
Duration: 16 days

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Day 1:

Arriving to Barnaul city. Our driver and the guide will meet you at the aiport or train station. Drive for ~ 350km (219mi) until the Seminsky Pass. Full board. Lodging in tents. 

The road from Barnaul city to the main camp "Visotnik" is called "Chyiskyi Trakt". It is paved and is always in good condition.

Day 2:

Breakfast. Continue driving (~ 400km/250mi) to the village of Tyungur. Arrive at the lodge in the evening. Dinner. Lodging in wooden cottages of the "Visotnik" camp. 

Day 3: Day 2-5

Breakfast. Today we will trek for 20km (12.5mi) towards Kucherla and Tekeliushka rivers. On the way, short stop by the Tegeyek waterfall (50m high). Full board. Lodging in tents. 

Day 6:

Breakfast. Today we will trek for 16km (10mi) along Tekeliushka river to Kucherlinskoye lake. Magnificent sightseeing. Picnic at the lake. Free time around the lake. In the evening, return to the tent camp. Full board. Lodging in tents.

Day 7:

Breakfast. Today we will trek for 10km (7mi) towards the Karatyurek pass. Meals on the hike. Overnight in tents.

Day 8:

Breakfast. Today we will trek for 10km (7mi) across the Karatyurek pass to Akkem lake. Enjoy spectacular views of Belukha mountain. Meals on the hike. Lodging in tents.

Day 9:

Breakfast. Today we will trek for 8km (5mi) to Ak-Kayuk mountain until the meteorological station. Free time upon arrival. Feel free to experience the Russian Banya . Meals on the hike. Lodging in tents.

Day 10:

Breakfast. Today we will trek (ascent) for 15km (9mi) to the foot of the Belukha mountain to see Akkem glacier, one of the largest in Altai area and Katunsky ridge particulary. Meals on the hike. In the evening, return to the tent camp. Lodging in tents.

Day 11:

Breakfast. Today we will trek for 8km (5mi) to the valley of Yarla river. Great sightseeing. During the day we will cross the Akkem lake (by boat). Later in the evening, we will return to the lodge. Free time. Meals on the hike. Lodging in tents. 

Day 12:

Breakfast. Today we will trek (descent) for 15km (9mi) along Akkem valley. Enjoy a wonderful view of the Tekeliu waterfalls (60 m high). Meals on the hike. Lodging in tents.

Day 13:

Breakfast. Continue the trek for 15km (9mi) along the Akkem river towards the Kuzuyak pass. Meals on the hike. Lodging in tents. 

Day 14:

Breakfast. Continue the trek for 15km (9mi) toward the main camp "Visotnik". Today we will cross the Kuzuyak pass and descent to Kucherla village and finish our day in Tyungur village. Meals on the hike. Overnight in wooden cottages.

Day 15:

Breakfast. Depart to Barnaul city by bus. All day drive (750km/469mi). On the way we will visit the botanical garden of Kamlak village. Lunch. Overnight in Barnaul (2-3 star hotel).

Day 16:

Depart Barnaul city to your next destination.

What's included

  • Bilingual guides during trek, cook, porters
  • All transfers as described
  • Horse for carrying bags and gear
  • Accommodations ad described
  • Full board
Not included in the price
  • Personal expenses (including medical)
  • Visa and Registration cost
  • Intl & domestic air/train fares from/to Barnaul city
  • Travel/Health/Evacuation Insurance
Additional info

Special tour-related note:

  • The trek will be porter-supported; they will carry all communal equipment including food and tentage. You will be expected to carry your own belongings. You will need to carry a 60 liter rucksack to take your spare clothes, waterproofs, sleeping bag and sleeping mat. Average daily trekking of about 4 to 5 hours, with one or two days as long as 7 hours. Guides are responsible for setting up ropes to protect some of the mountain river crossings.
  • Be prepared to take a "shower" in the lake or river if needed, fight mosquitoes and share mutual "body inspections" with the guide or your team for ticks.
  • If personal hygiene is an issue-bring your own sleeping bags.
  • All meals are cooked on the open fire.
  • Be prepared for "offroading" experience when driving.



Russian visa support (Russian visa invitation letter) is included.

Sights included in program

Siberia : Altai
Altai is one of Siberia’s most valuable areas of historical and cultural heritage: over 5,000 monuments of archeology, architecture, history and culture are there.  Altai Republic contains the “Golden Mountains of Altai” UNESCO World Heritage Site, three federal protected areas, 120+ natural monuments, and a growing number of regional nature parks and reserves. Remote and wild river valleys, wind-blown steppe, and snow-cap... Read more
The Akkem Glacier is a white path to Belukha Mountain, or, if you look backwards, the ice message from Belukha to the North. You can walk to the glacier without special equipment from Akkem Lake. The Akkem glacier is open - its cracks are visible, walking along it is also possible without special equipment. The length of the glacier is 7.8 km. The area is 10,4 km ². Read more
This place is well-known for its harsh winter, temperature once droped to negative 62 C. Summer is unbearable hot. But these places attract many people cause of extraordinary beauty around. Read more
Altai : Barnaul
Barnaul is a city and the administrative center of Altai Krai, Russia, located at the confluence of the Barnaulka and Ob Rivers in the West Siberian Plain. Read more
Belukha has several names. The Altai call it “Uch-Sumer”. "Uch" is translated as three, "Measure" is “sacred” peak in Buddhist philosophy, which was transformed into "Sumer" in Mongolian language. So, Uch-Sumer can be translated as "Three headed sacred mountain". The third peak except Eastern and western, is a little away and called the "peak Delaunay," with altitude of 4260 meters.  Read more
Altai : Jarlu Valley
The Yarlu Valley is one of the most amazing priceless pearls in the precious necklace of the Altai Wonders. Read more
Karatyurek pass is a mountain pass, located on the watershed of the Akkem and Kucherla rivers, in the Altai Mountains, Katunsky Range, Belukha Mountain region. Read more
Kucherlinskoe Lake is one of the largest water basin of glacial origin. The lake is located at an altitude of 1790 meters. Eastern and western part of the Lake border on the high peaks (3000 meters), moraines adjoins northern part and narrow valley of Kucherla River borders on south part. Read more
Altai : Lake Akkem
Akkem lake is located in Akkem river valley, on the northern slope of Mount Belukha which is main aim for travelers from whole the World. "AK" means “white”, “dull white”. Akkem lake is forty-five kilometers far from Tungur, the nearest village to Belukha. Read more
Travelling from Gorno-Altaisk (the starting point of our trips) to the Altai mountains, we have to go through two passes. Seminskiy pass is the highest pass (1894 m) on the Chuyskiy tract. For 9 km of getting up the steep road, you will be on the border between Northern and Central Altai. The old Altai name for the pass is “Dyal-Menku”. Larch and pine give place to cedar forest and juniper, alpine herbage including some endemic appear... Read more
The Tekelu Waterfalls is a regional nature monument since 1996, a large waterfall with a fall height of about 60 m on the northern slope of the Belukha massif, located in the Ust-Koksinsky area on the Tekelyu river, the right tributary of Akkem, 25 km southeast of the village Tungur. Read more
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