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Akkem Glacier

The Akkem Glacier is a white path to Belukha Mountain, or, if you look backwards, the ice message from Belukha to the North. You can walk to the glacier without special equipment from Akkem Lake. The Akkem glacier is open - its cracks are visible, walking along it is also possible without special equipment. The length of the glacier is 7.8 km. The area is 10,4 km ².

The glacier is the most visited by tourists and climbers of various degrees of preparedness. The Akkem wall as a magnet attracts athletes, who make it an ascent to the summit. One of the parts of the wall is even called a bottle of Afanasyev, who laid the first route along it for Belukha. Many tragic stories are also associated with this wall.

More than a hundred years ago in 1895, when the glacier first saw and described Vasily Vasilyevich Sapozhnikov, the tongue of the glacier plummeted to the Upper Akkem Lake and slightly covered it from the sides. For a hundred years the glacier retreated. The glacier's language ends at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level. at a distance of more than two kilometers from the Upper Akkem Lake.

At the glacier appeared another grotto, the left (if you stand facing the glacier), from which flows out. Fusing with the flow from the right, the old grotto, they form the river Akkem.

The glacier feeding zone (that is, the zone where the accumulation of solid precipitation exceeds their consumption for melting) is at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, near the Akkem wall. At this point the Ak-Kama glacier is represented by a large circus, with an area of ​​about 3 ~ 4 km². From the circus, the glacier is cut off by a step - an icefall. Usually, excursions to the glacier end at the bottom, near the icefall. Walking on the ice is dangerous. Climbers going to the ascent, climb the moraine, bypassing the icefall, to the circus and turning left, along the edge of the glacier reach the Tomsk parking. The ascent of Belukha begins from Tomsk sites.