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Lake Akkem

Akkem lake is located in Akkem river valley, on the northern slope of Mount Belukha which is main aim for travelers from whole the World. "AK" means “white”, “dull white”. Akkem lake is forty-five kilometers far from Tungur, the nearest village to Belukha.

Lake is located on 2000 meters height, it is elongated from north to south with length 1350 meters and width approx. 600 m. Beaches abruptly go down and reach a maximum depth about 15 meters. Average depth of the lake - 7.8 meters. The basin of lake is a typical glacier trough-shaped mountain valley formed by the glacier activity. Lakesides are composed of loose glacial deposits and covered with tundra moss shrub. Northern part of Akkem is narrowed due to accumulations of clastic rocks (pebbles, gravel and sand), coast is low-lying, western and eastern coasts are steep covered with larch and Siberian cedar. Akkem lake water color is murky, gray-white, dark blue in evening. The lake has suspension of the solid material, which is carried by the Akkem river from glacier, so the fish are not found. The bottom of the lake is glacial silt. In calm weather, without ripples on the lake Akkem, surface mirrors two-kilometer ice wall (Akkem Wall) of the snow-white mountains which is absolutely fantastic.