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Jarlu Valley

The Yarlu Valley is one of the most amazing priceless pearls in the precious necklace of the Altai Wonders.

It is located slightly away from the magnificent Lake Akkem, and in the lower reaches, it unites the flow of its river with the Akkem River. In the upper reaches, in an unusual way, it is divided in two by a longitudinal ridge, and both its parts, like their own special meaning, deliver their message to the world. A message that can only be read by combining both images and it is absolutely impossible to understand the fullness of one's friend without a friend.

The ridge, overlapping the headwaters of the valley, is popularly called the face of the Mother of the World. It is interesting that in the local dialect his name is translated as "The Reclining Woman".When looking from one part of the valley, her heart bleeds.

But from the other, wings are spread out.

And even, it seems, her expression changes. From a calm, maybe even in a mournful reverie, lying on her eternal bed, she turns into a rapidly rising towards the boundlessness, with a look directed upwards. And then really, it's just right to doubt whether it is really stone and whether it is as stationary as it seems.The image of it, as if speaking about the independent choice of the path and our accomplishments given to us. And, like our mothers, having prompted and guided the true path, she can only silently observe and rejoice in our successes or grieve over our irrationality. And just like our mothers, she shares this great burden of responsibility with us, which we bear for the deeds of our children, either staying with a "heart torn from a grief" or by "rising on wings to heaven".