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Karatyurek pass

Karatyurek pass is a mountain pass, located on the watershed of the Akkem and Kucherla rivers, in the Altai Mountains, Katunsky Range, Belukha Mountain region.

According to the tourist classification - Pass 1A category of complexity, the nature of obstacles - scree, height 3060 meters. Although the pass is considered technically simple, its passage requires a certain endurance and psychological readiness to walk many hours along the scree.

Across the pass is a trail from Lake Ak-Kem to the Kucherlinskoye Lake, in which, according to local people, "dead" and "living" water are, respectively.

The top of the pass is a platform of 50x50 meters, topped by a snowy slope, from which thawed waters all passing travelers make tea. On the site, a tour is made, embodying a crossing point, about a meter high, decorated with colorful ribbons. From the top of the pass you can see a magnificent panoramic view of the Belukha mountain, the endless peaks of the Katunsky ridge and the Yarlu gorge, with the distinctly visible contour of the Mother of the World, the most beautiful view of the ridges surrounding Akkemoe and Kucherlinskoye lakes. The lakes themselves can not be seen from the pass, but when climbing to the pass from Kucherly, Kucherlinskoe lake is very clearly visible, and in good weather you can make excellent shots. The storming of the pass can take up to 2 days, if you start climbing from Kucherlinsky lake, and finish with the valley of the Ak-Kem river, there are plenty of places for spending the night.