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Ak-Kurum (Stone Mushrooms)

Ak-Kurum is translated as “white scree” is on the right bank of Chulyshman River, a few hours away from confluence to Teletskoe Lake. Kurume is usually called a clusters of large boulders and rubble solid rock, formed as a result of weathering on slopes and at feet. A characteristic feature of Kurume is its slow moving down the slope. 

Stone mushrooms, specific landforms appeared as a result of selective leaching inhomogeneous rocks lies in the valley of Karasu, an eponymous tributary of Chulyshman River. Hats of "mushroom" are formed by thick slabs of conglomerate, and the "legs" are formed by loose deposits, which can be destroyed by water flowing down faster then slabs. As a result of uneven fractures, giant shapes of reminiscent fungi was formed.

It have various sizes from 1 meter to 7 meters in height, hats diameter reaches 2 meters. Age is also vary from tens to hundred years. The most amazing thing that it continue to grow. The reason is specific soil consisting clay and gravel. It has strong dry state condition, but it is destroyed by influence of moisture and carried away by torrential streams. Dirt road runs along the left bank of Chulyshman. Stone mushrooms are visible from the road through binoculars. You need to cross the river and climb the trail that runs along a steep slope to reach the two large «spawn». Trip takes 2-3 hours depends on skill level. It should be noted that the best time for photo of stone «mushrooms» is no later than 7.00 a.m., because mushrooms are in the shadow almost all day.