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Natural monument Red Gates

Road Aktas Aktas-Ust-Ulagan lied in 15 km from Aktash Village crosses Chibitka River and runs between high cliffs with pronounced reddish hue. This place is called «Red Gate» one of the natural monuments of Altai.

Red Gate are made of multi-colored igneous rocks, formed as a result of lava hardening. It is narrow isthmus between reddish mountains which color is explained by content of mercury ore in rocks.

The track is laid through Aygulaksky ridge which was extremely dangerous place for travelers. The road was narrow, it was held on the crest of the mountains, available for hiking and horseback riding only.

Locals had to resort to blowing operations to connect villages, Red Gate has been cleared so that the builders could pave Chibit River along the coast, and lay the bridge over river. Red Gate is unusually bright especially when sun shining the slopes. Getting to observation place by climbing on the boulders, you can certain the splendor of the mountain river, overcoming a cascade of rapids.

Outlines of the red rocks have particular interest at sunset or sunrise which create specific atmosphere of another planet. But, when the rocks hanging over the road at the evening or night, strangers feel an anxiety, expectations of something bad.