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Uchar Waterfall

Cascade waterfall Uchar (Chulchinsky Great Falls) is the largest in the Altai Mountains. It is located on Chulcha River, right tributary of Chulyshman, in 11-12 kilometers from confluence to Chulyshman. Height of stream fall is about 160 meters.

Chulcha River looks quiet, sometimes even swampy before Uchar. But when the water comes to Uchar, it meets several benches of 160 meters. Flow begins to roar and foam here. Uchar Waterfall is very young, 100-150 years old. The origin is explained by rocks collapse as a result of earthquake that occurred nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. Huge chunks of rock flooded Chulcha River, but it have not been able to hold turbulent waters and it falls down the river anyway.

One of versions of translation Uchar is "Inaccessible". It is not easy to get it indeed. Mountain trail sneaks from valley to waterfall along the right bank of the Chulcha River, this trail requires for a high accuracy. But who overcome this dangerous path, will be rewarded by breathtaking spectacle. The majestic stream of water with rapid speed seeks down and dissects on huge boulders. Uncontrollable natural power of this fantastic inexhaustible flow of giant mass of water, which is able to spread all that meet on its way. Uchar doesn’t allow to come closer than 50 meters, watching this incredible natural performance you feel powerful energy of pure element. Russian Association of Tour Operators included Uchar waterfall into list of 5 most difficult Russian landmarks. Research of Uchar has begun since 1970th . It is opened for tourist for 10 years only.

One of the ways to get Uchar Waterfall starts from northern tip of Lake Teletskoe, then crosses the Lake by boat near Artybash Village, then along the road to the mouth of Chulcha. Locals can help you to cross Chulyshman by boat. Trail goes along the right bank of the Chulcha River in 500 meters above river level. Path requires caution, especially in rainy weather. The trail crosses scree, rocks which can be passed using rope insurance. Sometimes, the rope is left, but it can be relieved by locals. Along the way, in a few places you need to overcome small rivers, tributaries of the Chulcha River. These t can be difficult at high water season. Tourists built log crossings every year, but it are regularly washed away by spring floods.